Jane Fonda Praises Kaepernick at ACLU Gala: ´Keep Kneeling Until You Can Stand´

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Colin Kaepernick was honored by the ACLU of Southern California and during the event, ‘Hanoi Jane’ Fonda told him to ´Keep Kneeling Until You Can Stand´.

Ummm… But he is unemployed now. He CAN”T keep kneeling because he no longer has the right to stand on the field before an NFL football game.

Sometimes Hanoi Jane is so silly, or is she just delirious?

Jane Fonda Praises Kaepernick at ACLU Gala: ´Keep Kneeling Until You Can Stand´

Fox News reports:

The organization invited Kaepernick to its annual Bill of Rights awards gala where he and other stars such as Gina Rodriguez, Jane Fonda and Judd Apatow were honored for their work this year. The NFL star, who gained a lot of attention for his decision to kneel during the national anthem at games, was awarded the Eason Monroe Courageous Courage Award, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The crowd was reportedly stunned to see Kaepernick as he was not advertised as being at the event. ACLU Southern California’s executive director, Hector Villagra, said that was because of the numerous threats that Kaepernick has received.

Kaepernick, whose arrival was met with thunderous applause from those in attendance, took the stage for a brief speech.

“We must confront systematic oppression as a doctor would a disease. You identify it, you call it out, you treat and you defeat it. We all have an obligation no matter the risk and regardless of reward to stand up for fell men and women who are being oppressed with the understanding that human rights cannot be compromised. In the words of Frederick Douglas, ‘If there is no struggle, there is no progress,'” he said to a standing ovation from the crowd.

Later in the evening, Fonda yielded some of her speech time to talk about Kaepernick.

“Keep kneeling until you can stand up,” she said.

Colin Kaepernick has destroyed football and created a huge mess for the NFL. Fans are boycotting and advertisers are bailing. Ratings are at an all-time low and stadiums are half empty. Football has taken a back seat to other sports after standing for decades as America’s favorite sport.

Colin Kaepernick started this mess. He just HAD to protest America, the flag, the national anthem, and law enforcement on his employer’s time.

He could not do what the average American does, go out and participate in a real protest. He was lazy. He took 3 minutes before a game, and pulled an antic. It was never a real protest. It was just that…nothing more than a 3 minute antic.

Well, football fans are patriotic and so that antic did not go well. It has now morphed into a full fledged mess.

Our own Nancy Hayes recently described the latest attempt on behalf of the NFL to try to do damage control to the mess Kaepernick has created.

“According to ESPN, the latest attempt by the league to smooth things over with its national anthem-shunning athletes is for the league to donate “nearly $100 million to causes considered important to African-American communities.”

“The NFL hopes this effort will effectively end the peaceful-yet-controversial movement that former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick started when he refused to stand for the national anthem last season,” ESPN reported Wednesday.

“Players are expected to discuss the offer during a scheduled conference call ‪Wednesday night.”

So, essentially, they’re bribing players so that the players will pretend to care about America, or at least its anthem. There are so many things wrong with this “solution” that I’m not quite sure where to begin.”

Note that the NFL Players Association, (the football union) has not offered up one red cent!

Heisman Trophy winner Herschel Walker said it best. He said ‘protest on your own time, not the NFL time’.

Speaking to reporters, Walker said, “I absolutely think the protests are so upsetting, and I blame the commissioner. I know people are going to be angry when I say it, but he should have stopped the protests at the very beginning.”

Walker continued, “Guys, let me tell you this. Our flag is very special, and black lives matter, but what we should do is go to Washington after the season and protest there instead. We have young men and women fighting for the flag. And we have to respect the White House.”


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