Democrat Corruption Trial: Congresswoman Corrine Brown Convicted of 18 Felonies! Only 5 Years in Prison!

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A Federal Judge has sentenced former Democrat Rep. Corrine Brown to only five years in prison for pocketing almost a million dollars from donors who believed their money was going to a children’s charity.

Brown was convicted of a total of 18 felonies for crimes ranging from conspiracy to fraud. Brown was also given three years probation. Brown’s attorney says her client plans to file an appeal.

Judge Timothy Corrigan said in court, according to The Associated Press. “I was impressed with all the outpouring of support for you and it’s a tribute to you and the work you’ve done … and that makes it more tragic and sad.”

WHAT??Democrat Corruption Trial: Congresswoman Corrine Brown Convicted of 18 Felonies! Only 5 Years in Prison!

As she was stealing scholarship money from school children, Democrat Corrine Brown partied with Pelosi, flew with Obama, and campaigned for Clinton… and she was a Super-Delegate!

Brown and her chief of staff, Elias “Ronnie” Simmons, had been soliciting donations for One Door for Education. One Door was a group purportedly funding education for needy children, but really serving as a fig leaf for fraud. As member station WJCT reported, the two raised more than $800,000; just $1,200 actually went where they promised.

The court found that the rest was siphoned into lavish events, when it wasn’t going straight into the Democrat congresswoman’s bank account.

Simmons and Carla Wiley, the executive director of One Door, both accepted plea deals and reduced prison sentences for testifying against Brown, who in turn blamed all the wrongdoing on Simmons.

The verdict came just three days after closing arguments. Brown was shown to have lived the high life on cash that aides secretly deposited in her bank account after passing it through other accounts.

The trial brought explosive headlines when it was revealed that the disgraced Democrat congresswoman used $750 from a bogus charity to buy her daughter a $10 birthday cake. At a Marriott reception in 2014 in D.C., FBI Special Agent Vanessa Stelly showed the court records and pictures of a $750 birthday cake for Brown’s daughter, Shantrel, as well as a drink called the ‘Queen Corrine,’ which was a strawberry bellini with sugar on the rim. It cost $10.

Stelly’s testimony continued for some time as she showed and explained several letters and flyers advertising One Door for Education and soliciting various donation amounts – one asking for $5,000 for a single event. She detailed how One Door paid $330,000 for several of Brown’s events, from bus trips for seniors to President Obama’s second inauguration to a golf tournament at TPC Sawgrass.

From the beginning, Corrine Brown has been shrouded in controversy. Shortly after she won election in 1992, the Federal Election Commission accused Brown of violating numerous campaign finance laws. The biggie was that she accepted donations from foreign citizens and failed to report the use of a corporate plane. And that’s just the tip of the ethical iceberg.

A convenient rap sheet, put together by the Florida Times-Union, documents every allegation of wrongdoing brought against Brown during her 27-year career.

It is the never-ending story!

In the midst of all this scandal, Corinne Brown not only fundraised with the Pelosi, but also enjoyed prominent perches on the Transportation and Veteran Affairs Committees.

Looks like the Democrat leadership only cares about corruption if it is on the other side of the aisle.

What did Pelosi know about Corinne Brown and when did she know it? I thought she coined the phrase, “Darin the Swamp”! What did Obama and Hillary know, and when did they know it?

In 1992, Brown, of Jacksonville, was the first African-American from Florida to be elected to Congress since Reconstruction. She was best known for her slogan “Corrine Delivers,” a nod to the fact that she had a knack for securing federal funding for her district.

Brown went on to serve 12 terms in the House until she lost last year’s election under the cloud of her indictment.

In the 2016 Democrat primary, she was defeated by former state Sen. Al Lawson. The corruption case haunted her on the campaign trail. Her loss was also attributed to the fact that she joined state Republicans in opposing changes to her 5th Congressional District, which became a national poster child for gerrymandering. For years, the district snaked from Orlando to Jacksonville, picking up pockets of black communities and cities along the way. The seat was politically good for Brown, but made the surrounding congressional districts whiter and more Republican-leaning.

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