California Insanity! Now Car Theft is a Misdemeanor! Get in More Trouble by Speeding!

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A California court has ruled that Proposition 47 makes stealing certain cars only a misdemeanor offense, making speeding tickets more costly than theft!

A person convicted of a felony for stealing a car may have that conviction reduced to a misdemeanor if the vehicle was worth no more than $950, the California Supreme Court decided unanimously Thursday.

The decision came as an interpretation of California’s voter-approved Proposition 47, which reduced any number of drug and theft related felonies to misdemeanors.

California Insanity! Now Car Theft is a Misdemeanor! Get in More Trouble by Speeding!

The decision overturned lower court rulings.

The LA Times explains:

Two years before the measure’s passage, Timothy Wayne Page was convicted of violating a law that makes taking or driving a vehicle without the owner’s consent a felony.

The state’s highest court, in a decision written by Justice Leondra R. Kruger, said Proposition 47 allows Page to have his felony vehicle conviction reduced to a misdemeanor if he can show the vehicle’s value was $950 or less.

A San Bernardino County judge ordered Page to prison for nearly 11 years for taking the vehicle, resisting an officer and resisting while driving dangerously. The sentence also reflected the fact that Page had prior felonies.

Thursday’s decision overturned rulings by lower courts.

Proposition 47 sparked myriad court disputes about exactly which crimes could be considered misdemeanors.

So far, the California Supreme Court has interpreted the measure broadly, citing the wording of the ballot proposal and voters’ intent.

Just another example of the state of California doing everything they can to empty the prisons and flood the streets with convicted criminals in the name of “sentencing reform.”

Michelle Hanisee, president of the Association of L.A. Deputy District Attorneys, says that this loose interpretation of the law doesn’t just apply to cars.

“You can walk into Best Buy or Sears or any big package store. Walk out with a big flat screen TV, as long as it’s under $950 and you can do that every day of the week. And every day of the week it’s still going to be a misdemeanor, no matter how many times you do it, and at most you’re just going to get a citation to appear.”

In a twisted way this also feeds into the narrative that California politicians are launching a war on motorists.

In recent months legislators passed an 11-cent per gallon gas tax, upped the vehicle license fee, and also approved expansive cap-and-trade legislation that will eventually raise the gas tax by 71-cents a gallon.

Now the state is making it easier for criminals to steal your car.

California has gone nuts!

November 1st, the last step of the HUGE California Gas Tax hike took effect. The states gas tax jumped from 29.7 to 41.7 cents a gallon. It started at 18. It will end at 47.3 by 2020. Diesel hikes are even bigger, from 16 cents to 36 cents.

Note that they did it in steps to deceive the public. Why didn’t the cowards just hike it all at once?

What is the most obnoxious part of all this? Those idiots in Sacramento legislated themselves free gas… and cars.

Most experts believe California has passed the point of no return for the financial disaster liberals have caused, because as quickly as the producers are moving out, the takers are moving in!

Liberals in Sacramento have made it so difficult for businesses to make money they are leaving the state in droves. Those same liberals are giving away the money that is left, and those that want something for free are replacing them.

Large swaths of California look like a Third World country. They have ramshackle buildings, junky cars and trash strewn everywhere. The state even has outbreaks of Hepatitis A, just like a Third World country.

A state cannot chase away the producers and attract the takers year after year without economic consequences. That doesn’t end well so there’s little doubt California is headed toward economic disaster.

Sacramento has just passed an ordinance that pays known gang members a $1000 a month stipend to ‘remain peaceful’ and not kill people!

The world has lost sight of the word ramifications! Appeasement never works, it only feeds the beast!

So in 10 years, they will have 10 times the number of ‘gang members’ waiting in line in California to get their check!

California has definitely lost it’s mind. Give it 10 more years… who knows what they will do in another decade. Probably pay drug lords! Who knows?!



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