Woman Says WashPost Reporter Offered $1000s to Falsely Accuse Roy Moore of Sexual Abuse

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On Thursday the far left Washington Post accused Judge Moore of sexual misconduct with young girls decades ago.

Judge Moore has vehemently denied all the charges.

Now it is being reported that a woman in Alabama claims that the same Washington Post offered her big money to falsely claim sexual abuse by more.

The conversation has been recorded and forwarded to the Etowah county District Attorney.

They went to the local DA instead of the FBI because EVERYONE today knows the FBI and DOJ has been compromised and cannot be trusted.

A Navy veteran who served 22 years for his country and then served in the Secret Service makes the claim. A family friend who lives in Alabama told his wife that a Washington Post reporter “named Beth” approached her and offered her THOUSANDS to accuse Judge Roy Moore of inappropriate sexual advances!




But that’s not all…

One of the women, Deborah Wesson Gibson who alleges that she engaged in a legal and consensual but inappropriate relationship with Moore, has also deleted multiple political postings from her Facebook page.

Some of those postings by Deborah Wesson Gibson were critical of Moore while one was related to Moore’s Democratic opponent, Doug Jones.

One posting shows a picture of Gibson with Vice President Joe Biden and says that she did work for him in 2012. One older version of that image is still on her page while another more recent posting of that same image in response to a posting from Jones’s official campaign Facebook page was removed, but was captured by Breitbart News.

Other posts still active on her page repeatedly urge the immediate removal of President Donald Trump from office and show that Gibson “likes” far-left activist groups. She also pushed a petition drive to remove Steve Bannon from the National Security Council last February when Bannon was serving as the White House chief strategist.

Gibson was one of three women quoted in the Washington Post claiming that Moore pursued and or dated them when they were between the ages of 16 and 18 and he was in his early 30s. The age of consent in Alabama is 16. The fourth woman claims that when she was 14, Moore engaged in sex acts with her.

Gibson said that in the spring of 1981, when she was 17, she openly dated Moore for two or three months with her mother’s knowledge and approval. She says that physical activity progressed to a kiss once in his bedroom and a second kiss at a local country club.

Roy Moore’s wife says she’s going to sue the Washington Post for ‘defamation’ over sexual abuse allegations.

In a statement after the Post (and Breitbart) published reports of his alleged inappropriate relationships, Moore’s campaign issued a statement claiming “this garbage is the very definition of fake news and intentional defamation.”

As right-wing journalist Steve Deace noted, their choice of words was intentional.

“Judge Moore’s wife, Kayla, informed me today they used the word ‘defamation’ in their statement for a reason — they intend to pursue legal action against the Washington Post,” Deace tweeted.

More responded vehemently to the absurd charges.

“Yesterday, I made a statement that the allegations described in a Washington Post article against me about sexual impropriety were false.

“It has been a tough 24 hours because my wife and I were blindsided by an article based on a lie supported by innuendo.

“It seems that in the political arena, to say that something is not true is simply not good enough.

“So let me be clear.

“I have never provided alcohol to minors, and I have never engaged in sexual misconduct. As a father of a daughter and a grandfather of five granddaughters, I condemn the actions of any man who engages in sexual misconduct not just against minors but against any woman.

“I also believe that any person who has been abused should feel the liberty to come forward and seek protection.

“I know that a lot of people wonder why this story was written. Why would women say these things if they are not true? I can’t fully answer that because as much as I have disagreed vehemently on political issues with many people over the years, I cannot understand the mentality of using such a dangerous lie to try to personally destroy someone.

“As a former Judge and administer of the law, I take the protection of our innocent as one of my most sacred callings. False allegations are gravely serious and will have a profound consequence on those who are truly harassed or molested.

“I strongly urge the Washington Post, and everyone involved, to tell the truth.

“That is all we can do, and I trust that the people of Alabama, who know my record after 40 years of public service, will vouch for my character and commitment to the rule of law.”

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