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Trump Addresses Troops on Thanksgiving, “They Weren’t Letting You Win Before”


On Thanksgiving morning, President Trump reached out to the men and women serving in our military overseas. He addressed our military personnel in a Thanksgiving morning video-conference call.

We have to let you win. They weren’t letting you win before. They were letting you play even … We’re letting you win …

President Donald Trump expressed his sincere gratitude for their work and thanked them for all that they have done including those who have helped in the war against terrorism and those who have helped during our own nation’s disaster of hurricanes.

President Donald Trump gave an inspiring Thanksgiving message to the troops, praising them for their progress in the war against terror and applauding their heroism.

According to Fox News Insider, Trump took time out of his Thanksgiving to call Army servicemembers in Afghanistan, Marines in Iraq, Navy sailors aboard the USS Monterey, and an Air Force squadron in Turkey

“Everybody’s talking about the progress you’ve made in the last few months since I opened it up,” Trump said in his call.

“We opened it up, we said, ‘go ahead, we’re going to fight to win. We’re not fighting anymore to just walk around, we’re fighting to win,’” he said.

“And you people, you’ve really turned it around in the past three to four months like nobody’s seen and they are talking about it. So thank you very much, brave, incredible fighters,” Trump continued.

He also thanked members of the Coast Guard for their incredible job during Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria that devastated parts of Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico and the Caribbean islands.

The president made sure to thank them for their heroic rescues of nearly 16,000 residents during that time.

Trump then gave the troops a taste of what’s going on back home. He promised that they will come back home to a booming economy.

“So you’re fighting for something real,” he continued. “You’re fighting for something good.”

“We’re doing well at home. The economy is doing really great. When you come back, you are going to see with the jobs and companies coming back into our country and the stock market just hit a record high,” Trump said, reading from a prepared script at his Mar-a-Largo resort in Florida. “Unemployment is the lowest it’s been in 17 years. So you’re fighting for something real, you’re fighting for something good.”

“Thank God for you,” he said.

Watch Trump’s address to the troops below:

This is exactly what our service men and women needed to hear over the holiday: A genuine thank you from their commander in chief.

In addition to President Trump reaching out by a video-conference to our men and women overseas.

Speaking of our military from Task and purpose:

Here’s seven interesting facts about how the military has celebrated over a century’s worth of Turkey Days.

1. The first nationally recognized Thanksgiving wasn’t observed by the military.

Blame resources. In October 1863, Abraham Lincoln was the first president to proclaim a national Thanksgiving, with the Civil War in full swing. But the Army’s commissary didn’t have the necessary food, both in type and quantity, to provide a full Thanksgiving meal for the troops. Awkward.

2. Abraham Lincoln is kind of responsible for Black Friday.

Lincoln’s Thanksgiving Proclamation of 1863 stipulated that the American people “set apart and observe the last Thursday of November next, as a day of thanksgiving.” This means, as a nation, we’re permanently #blessed with Friday following Thanksgiving Day. Leave it to us to pair extra days with more excuses for capitalism.

3. Add Spain to your list of Thanksgiving blessings.

The Spanish-American War was the first overseas war fought by the United States. Transporting food was extraordinarily difficult, with many rations spoiling before reaching their destination. But American ingenuity prevailed by 1905, with the establishment of a cooking school at Fort Riley which made future military Thanksgivings possible.

4. Americans were guilt tripped into rationing.

During World War I, rations for “doughboys” were greatly improved. A greater and fresher array of food was made available, even to troops serving on the front lines. Camps provided a hot turkey dinner for their service members. Despite this, citizens at home were instructed by the government to “Eat less wheat, meat, fats, sugar. Send more to Europe or they will starve.”

5. Even Nazis couldn’t stop Thanksgiving.

World War II presented a hugely intricate logistics challenge in supplying our troops with food. During this time, soldiers subsisted largely on canned goods, dried fruit, and powdered eggs. But for Thanksgiving the supply chain went to extraordinary lengths by transporting over 1.6 tons of turkey to ensure the troops ate a traditional hot dinner.

6. Vietnam incepted the MRE.

By the time the Vietnam War rolled around, advances in food preservation and transportation made it possible for the majority of soldiers to eat two hot meals per day. To serve the traditional Thanksgiving meal, soldiers were rotated off the front lines. The amount of food being prepared necessitated standardized guidelines, which gave birth to the Armed Forces Recipe Service in 1968, which means we get chili mac today.

7. Four branches means four different Thanksgiving meals.

The present-day Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps create individual Thanksgiving menus for their forces. But the recipes are standardized by the U.S. Army Natick Soldier Systems Center, aka USSC. USSC food technologists have created over 1,500 standardized recipes, including ones for a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. (Roast turkey can be found under L-161-00.) This means that our deployed troops enjoyed a Thanksgiving dinner almost like they would at home, with I-013-00, aka pumpkin pie, included.



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