This Thanksgiving Let’s Be Thankful That We Don’t Live on “Earth 2,” Where Apparently Hillary Is President

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It’s been over a year now since that glorious Tuesday when we all watched Trump win BIG LEAGUE. I still wake up sometimes and savor the realization that he actually won, and she actually lost. You know the feeling, where you just take a moment to say “Wow!That was awesome!” So, I guess I can’t be too hard on liberals who feel the opposite and are still living in their sorrow. But some are taking it a bit too far and their fantasies are a little too…sad.

In a recent cringeworthy interview with a liberal outlet, Now This, Hillary was invited by liberals to join her in their dreamland of “Earth 2,” a world where Hillary won and rules over all the land. Hillary had no problem enlightening the audience on how things would be different if she were president. It’s almost like she has dreamt of this a time or two before.

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“Hillary Clinton just can’t let it go.

In an interview with the liberal outlet Now This, the two-time presidential candidate discussed what life would be like on an alternate planet named Earth 2, in which the former Secretary of State won her bid against Donald Trump.

“People joke about Earth 2, where you are President,” Now This‘s Nico Pitney began.

“We may have just found it!” Clinton interjected eagerly, referring to the recent discovery of a planet some scientists believe could have the conditions to support life.

The pair then delved into a number of issues President Trump has dealt with during his time in office, with Clinton explaining how she would handle things on Earth 2.

Regarding North Korea, Clinton said “Full-in diplomatic pressure and sending diplomats who actually know the language, know the history, know the culture.”

On the issue of “gun safety,” Clinton asserted “we would be putting as much money as it took into enforcing the laws we already have. And then I would be pushing for universal background checks that would include gun shows.”

Clinton also addressed Earth 2’s opioid crisis.

“First of all, we have to save lives where there are overdoses, and that’s something the Clinton Foundation has led the way on, in getting naloxone into colleges and high schools and emergency responders.

“But once you save the life, how are you going to get that person the treatment and the support that he or she needs? So I would actually be putting in place a real plan, working with local communities to address what is a really serious epidemic.”

After that remark, an offscreen voice from the crew was heard saying the time had run out. But Clinton couldn’t let the interview end without bringing up the Russia narrative at least once.

“You want one more? I’ll be short — one more. Because I like being on Earth 2,” Clinton said. She went on to talk “tough” on Russia, claiming she would have appointed an “independent commission” to investigate “hacking.”

“I worry about ’18. I worry about 2020 because this is the first time we’ve even been attacked and not imposed any real consequences on our adversary,” Clinton told Pitney–conveniently ignoring the recent Russia sanctions passed in response to Moscow’s alleged influence in the election.

In another video published by Now This, Clinton called the President’s recent Asia trip “pretty much a failure.”

Clinton should hope Earth 2 becomes habitable soon. Earth 1 doesn’t look like it’s getting any closer to Hillary Clinton presidency.”

As if she purposely wanted to give conservative bloggers a gift, she ended the interview by saying “Let’s go to Earth 2.” Yes, please do! Just don’t call us when your Utopian planet crumbles.

Obviously, imagining Earth 2 has no real purpose, and for those of us on the right it is too terrifying to even think about such a place. A planet of politically correct sheeple running around aborting their children. But while we are imagining alternate universes, how about “Earth 3” where the Clintons are in jail for all of their past crimes? Yeah, I guess I could live there!

I suppose after two failed presidential runs, it’s hard to accept the fact that Earth 1 just doesn’t want Hillary. If living in a dream world is therapy to the left, that’s OK. I’m just happy I don’t live there. I get to live in the real world where TRUMP WON.

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