Moore May Have Proved His Innocence With Move Investigators Were Watching For

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Questions have been swirling social media ever since Gloria Allred produced a yearbook and an accuser that stated Roy Moore assaulted her.

Liberals thought it was all over but the eventual admission.

After all, here was a complimentary remark Moore was supposedly making to a teenager — a remark that could well be read as flirtatious or even suggestive, considering that it became part of an accusation of sexual assault making national headlines almost 40 years later. And here was Moore’s signature on that remark, as clear as day.

Questions have been swirling social media ever since Gloria Allred produced a yearbook and an accuser that stated Roy Moore assaulted her.

However, at a news conference Wednesday, Moore’s attorney Philip Jauregui made a move that could show Moore’s innocence of Nelson’s charge.

According to the ‘Washington Examiner’, Jauregui demanded that Nelson and her team turn over the infamous yearbook for forensic examination.

“We demand that you immediately release the yearbook to a neutral custodian,” Jauregui said, “so that we can see the ink on the page, we can see the indentations, and we can see how old is that ink. Is it 40 years old or is it a week old?”

Jauregui made a number of comments during the news conference that attempted to throw doubt on Nelson’s story and insinuated that the yearbook signature was a forgery.

“We’re still working through some things, but there are some things you need to know and we want to make you aware of,” Jauregui said, according to Newsmax.

“We… had a handwriting expert look at the evidence submitted” by Nelson Allred at a news conference in the form of the yearbook.

“Judge Moore not only has denied everything (Nelson) said before, but now flatly denies that and he says it’s not true. We have a handwriting expert… that is looking at those. …Right now our attorney is sending a letter to Gloria Allred demanding that the yearbook be released.”

According to an intelligence expert speaking on background, Jauregui’s request was a move investigators were looking for.

“Moore is vindicated,” the expert said. “When the yearbook signature was reproduced, every Investigator in the country was waiting to see whether Moore would make the critical move: Ask for the yearbook to be examined by a forensic expert. Because the ink always indicates the year of the writing. Always. If he didn’t make the request he was toast. If he makes the request he never signed it.”

There were two inconsistencies that Jauregui focused on during the press conference, both of which were interconnected. One was the fact that Nelson claimed she had never seen Moore after he allegedly tried to assault her as a 16-year-old by locking her in a car and inappropriately touching her.

However, Moore had signed Nelson’s second divorce when he was a circuit court judge in 1999, Jauregui said — something one would assume Nelson would remember.

The other inconsistency came in how Moore signed the yearbook — as “Roy Moore, D.A.”

“Judge Moore can’t ever remember signing his name with D.A. after it, but he had seen it before,” Jauregui said.

What effect does all this have on the upcoming election?

I have been more closely involved in Alabama politics than any other state besides Texas, and even including California.

Alabama is more conservative than Texas. Like Texas, Democrats in Alabama are not far left, many being pro- God, Guns, and Life.

The more liberal Democrats get, the more they lose. Alabama Democrats have not broken 40% since 2000. It would take more than this to break that hurdle. They have lost by growing margins since 2000 on the whole. Alabama grassroots Conservatives are also VERY active. It’s front porch politics.

I say this does more damage to the left. Any loss in votes, will be compensated for in motivation to win.

Alabamians are also very opposed to outside influences. Had a local paper broke this, it might have done some damage. The fact that this came out of DC, not only limits in the trust factor, it is viewed as intrusion.


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