Man Goes To Extremes To Promote His Pro-Life Message!

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This man, is laying ‘naked’ on a street in South Carolina because he believes that life is so precious that it is worth it to show the world how pro-life he is!

Well.. pro-life for turkeys anyway.

But if he feels so strongly about the life of a turkey, cooked for the Thanksgiving table, he must REALLY be in favor of the unborn human in a mother’s womb…

You would think anyway. Probably not eh?

Every year, PETA stages protest around the country in November where one of the organization’s volunteers will be in the nude as part of the event.

The PETA volunteer lay down almost nude as part of a protest against Thanksgiving turkey consumption. The nude volunteer will get into a “trussed-up” pose beside two giant “turkey carcass props” on top of a cutting board that reads, “Go Vegan This Thanksgiving.”

PETA spokesperson Emily Lavender says the demonstration is designed to evoke shock.

“We just want people to see how similar people and turkeys really are,” she said.

“Animals are made of flesh, blood and bone just like we are. We have the same capacity to feel pain and fear.”

“Just like we are”


So Emily Lavender must be pro-life for humans inside a mother’s womb as well! Yayyyy!!

Oh…doubt that too?

PETA has the display include a banner proclaiming, “We Are All the Same.”

So PETA must believe in the preciousness of the human still inside the mother’s womb?

They just must!!!


Yeah, probably not. What hypocrites. I had planned on cooking 3 turkeys this holiday season because I like lots of frozen leftovers. I think in honor of PETA, I will now cook 5.

PETA also hands out a guide to becoming vegan during the protest as well as tofurkey samples. Lavender said she hopes that providing alternatives will encourage a “cruelty-free holiday.”

“It might be just one meal for us,” she said. “But for them, it’s their entire lives of suffering.”

What is a Tofurkey? Anyways….

“Turkeys are individuals, not centerpieces,” PETA spokesperson Emily Lavender has stated. “Turkeys are sensitive, smart animals who can feel pain. They form families and friendships like humans, when given the chance.”

The organization said it wants people to ask how they would feel if a human being were stuffed, roasted, and served for Thanksgiving dinner?

I want to ask PETA members how they would feel if they had never been born, instead, mangled violently inside the womb!

“All animals have flesh, organs, and feelings, and none wants to die violently for someone else’s meal,” PETA executive vice president Tracy Reiman said in a news release. “PETA is calling on caring people to give turkeys a break this Thanksgiving and make their holiday table a place of compassion for all beings.”

All animals have flesh, organs, and feelings, and none wants to die violently. Are you sure PEAT has not become pro-life?

Just listen to what PETA spokesperson Emily Lavender says:

Lavender said the goal is to have a conversation with people and get them thinking. It is part of a national campaign that includes ads placed near the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City with a picture of a turkey and the slogan, “I’m me, not meat.”

The organization’s issue isn’t only with the consumption of turkeys, it’s focused on the industry that exists to breed and groom turkeys for the sole purpose of mass consumption.

“Factory farms deny animals everything that’s natural and important to them, confining them to filthy, cramped cages, stalls, and sheds – where a steady diet of drugs keeps them alive only long enough to be sent to the slaughterhouse,” PETA said in a news release.

Lavender said turkeys are bred to grow unnaturally large too fast. This can cause their legs to break or for turkeys to suffer heart attacks. She also said turkeys experience fear and feel pain, especially when they are conscious when their throats are slit or placed in a stun bath where they’re scalded to remove their feathers.

“We want people to choose cruelty-free holiday meals,” said Lavender, adding that PETA will hand out information about those options at Tuesday’s protest, as well as vegan starter kits. “More and more people are having turkey-free Thanksgivings. We want to inform them about healthier options that are better for the environment.

“We want people to be excited about a delicious alternative and not worry about the dark side of the holiday when millions of turkeys are cut up.”

Hypocrites of the worst kind. The kind that find more value in a bird than they do a human.

I have changed my mind. I am not cooking 5 turkeys this year, I am cooking 6! Take that PETA, you morons!


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