Exclusive: Woman Who Worked for Roy Moore in Her Teens Shakes Left’s Narrative

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In an exclusive interview with an executive at Conservative Tribune, a woman in Alabama identified only as “Beth” has shared her account of working with Roy Moore as a teenager.

It differs incredibly from the accusations being leveled against him from the left wing Washington Post and of course serial false accuser Gloria Allred.

This puts an entirely different perspective on Roy Moore.

The media, Democrats and even a number of establishment Republicans are now demanding that Moore step aside from his Senate run, which would essentially hand the open seat over to his Democrat opponent.

But in an exclusive interview with an executive at Conservative Tribune, a woman in Alabama identified only as “Beth” has shared her account of working with Roy Moore as a teenager, and her story differs quite a bit from the narrative put forward by the liberal media. Beth gave permission for her remarks to be shared and the only changes made were to grammar and punctuation.

“Yes, I absolutely believe (the) Judge is innocent!” Beth declared. “I’ve known him and his family for years. I was a teenager when I first started working in his campaign. And he always honored and respected me and all the others. I always felt safe around him, I never once felt uncomfortable.”

“And even if I didn’t know him personally, I would find it suspicious that these women are just now coming out with this,” she continued. “He’s been running for office for the past 17 years and been a judge for even longer. So why, if this did happen … why didn’t they come out about this before now? They’ve had plenty of chances.”

“I just find it odd with as many times as he has run for office over the past several years none of this has come out,” she added. “I don’t think it is a coincidence that all this is being said one month before the election. Polls were showing Moore way ahead of Jones, then next thing you know all this poop is coming out.”

Beth explained how she worked closely with Moore during his first campaign to become chief justice, as it was only her and the campaign manager in the Birmingham, Alabama office, with a few others working on the campaign from Gadsden.

“So I worked real close with him,” she said. “He invited all the staff over for cookouts and dinners and stuff at his house. So if he was like that he had plenty of opportunities.”

Beth stated that she also worked on some of his other campaigns for office, though to a lesser extent than before, and noted that she stayed in touch with him and his family for years afterward, even volunteering her time at Moore’s Foundation of Moral Law.

“He even tried to set me up with one of his lawyers that worked for him,” Beth revealed. “It did not work out, but I was close with them.”

“All this was years ago, but still … I know him enough to know he is not like that,” she said.

As to why it appeared as though Moore had been targeted by a “hit piece” from the liberal media and establishment Republicans, Beth replied, “It’s because he stands up for God and biblical truths and the Constitution. They don’t want him in office because he won’t be in anybody’s pocket or their lap dog.”

This young woman worked for years with Judge Roy Moore — at times with few, if any, other people around. If Moore really was some sort of predatory older man looking to take advantage of innocent and naive teenage girls, he had all of the opportunity to do so with Beth … yet he didn’t.

What effect does all this have on the upcoming election?

I have been more closely involved in Alabama politics than any other state besides Texas, and even including California.

Alabama is more conservative than Texas. Like Texas, Democrats in Alabama are not far left, many being pro- God, Guns, and Life.

The more liberal Democrats get, the more they lose. Alabama Democrats have not broken 40% since 2000. It would take more than this to break that hurdle. They have lost by growing margins since 2000 on the whole.
Alabama grassroots Conservatives are also VERY active. It’s front porch politics.

I say this does more damage to the left. Any loss in votes, will be compensated for in motivation to win.

Alabamanians are also very opposed to outside influences. Had a local paper broke this, it might have done some damage. The fact that this came out of DC, not only limits in the trust factor, it is viewed as intrusion.



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