BREAKING! Bill Clinton Has FOUR NEW Female Sexual Accusers Ready To File Assault Charges!

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It seems that the accusers of Roy Moore have opened Pandora’s Box as now Former President Bill Clinton has FOUR new accusers ready to file legal charges against him for sexual assault.

The current accusations against the 71-year-old former president — whose past is littered with charges of sexual misconduct — stem from the period after he left the White House in 2001, say the sources.

Attorneys representing the women, who are coordinating their efforts, have notified Clinton they are preparing to file four separate lawsuits against him.

BREAKING! Bill Clinton Has FOUR NEW Female Sexual Accusers Ready To File Assault Charges!

The Daily Mail highlights the current new information:

  • Bill Clinton is facing accusations of sexual assault from four  women, highly placed Democratic Party sources have claimed
  • The women allege the former president assaulted them in the early 2000s, when Clinton was working with playboy billionaire investor Ron Burkle
  • The unidentified women were employed in low-level positions at the Burkle organization and in their late teens at the time of the alleged assaults
  • Clinton helped Burkle generate business and flew around the world on Burkle’s private jet, which was nicknamed ‘Air F**k One’ 
  • The 71-year-old politician has been haunted throughout his years in public office by allegations of sexual misconduct 
  • Hillary Clinton allegedly offered to hire private detectives to find dirt on the new accusers, but Clinton’s legal team advised against it, sources said 

A member of Clinton’s legal team has confirmed the existence of the new allegations. Contacted for a comment on the women’s allegations, they said: ‘Obviously, I’m aware of [the allegations] but can’t talk about them.’

The new charges are likely to revive the debate over why Democrats defended Clinton during the Monica Lewinsky scandal and why liberals and feminists ignored credible charges of sexual assault against the 42nd president, not only from Paula Jones, but also from Juanita Broaddrick, Kathleen Willey, and others.

‘Bill is distraught at the thought of having to testify and defend himself against sex charges again,’ said a Democratic Party official who is familiar with the case.

‘He hopes his legal team can somehow stop the women from filing charges and drag him through the mud.’
The source added that Hillary Clinton is furious with her husband for getting entangled in yet another sexual scandal.

“I believe Juanita Broaddrick.” It’s a sentence you might have found in conservative publications in the 1990s, or written by a token conservative columnist in a major metropolitan newspaper.

Today you can read “I Believe Juanita” as a headline in the New York Times, appearing above the latest entry by liberal columnist Michelle Goldberg. Broaddrick has accused former President Bill Clinton of raping her while he was attorney general of Arkansas.

Bill Clinton has been previously accused of sexual misconduct by three women. Juanita Broaddrick accused Clinton of rape; Kathleen Willey accused Clinton of groping her without consent; and Paula Jones accused Clinton of exposing himself and sexually harassing her. Many other women claim to have had consensual adulterous liaisons with Clinton.

Of all the allegations made against him regarding his sexual history, Clinton has only admitted extramarital relationships with Monica Lewinsky and Gennifer Flowers. The former, which led to the Lewinsky scandal, as been criticized as misconduct on Clinton’s part due to the vast power imbalance between a president and an intern, even though it was completely consensual.

Through his representatives, he has responded to the allegations by attempting to discredit the credibility of the accusers, noting that (in the case of Broaddrick and Willey) they previously testified, under oath, that Clinton never made unwanted advances. Several witnesses close to Willey and Jones state that the two women described their encounter with Clinton as consensual.

Charges of sexual misconduct on Clinton’s part regained publicity during the 2016 presidential campaign of his wife, Hillary Clinton. A lewd recording of Clinton’s opponent, Donald Trump, boasting about groping women was released during the campaign, and he attempted to deflect the issue by citing Clinton’s accusers. Broaddrick, Willey, and Jones reemerged into the public sphere as critics of Hillary Clinton, accusing her of enabling her husband’s alleged sexual assaults. They appeared as debate guests at the second 2016 presidential debate and referenced Bill Clinton in pre-debate statements.

So will these new allegations fade into the history books as the first ones? With no apparent consequences to Bill Clinton? Maybe not this time! Many liberals will continue to ignore them, but many more, not wanting to look hypocritical, might just say, “enough is enough!”

This could get real interesting!


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