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[WATCH] Homeland Security: ISIS ‘Plotting New 9/11’ Plan to ‘Bring Down Planes’!


ISIS is plotting a ‘new 9/11’ and will bring down planes to cause maximum devastation, according to Elaine Duke, acting Secretary of Homeland Security.

What’s more, ISIS is currently using van attacks – like the one at London Bridge – to keep their members engaged while they raise funds for a ‘big explosion’.

Secretary Duke says the plan is to recreate the 2001 atrocities where four planes were hijacked by al-Qaeda – two of which were crashed into the North and South towers of the World Trade Center.

[WATCH] Homeland Security: ISIS 'Plotting New 9/11' Plan to 'Bring Down Planes'

Speaking at the US Embassy in London, Secretary Duke said:

“The terrorist organizations, be it ISIS or others, want to have the big explosion like they did on 9/11. They want to take down aircraft, the intelligence is clear on that.”

“However, in the interim ISIS needs to keep their finances flowing and they need to keep their visibility high, and they need to keep their members engaged, so they are using small plots and they are happy to have small plots.”

Secretary Duke added:

“Creating terror is their goal and so a van attack, a bladed weapon attack, causes terror and continues to disrupt the world – but does not mean they’ve given up on a major aviation plot.”

Secretary Duke went on to add that ISIS could use a laptop to blow up an aircraft – and is just one of many threats facing airlines all over the world.

She added that it was important to target terrorists in their homes, keep them moving and fearful of attack, therefore allowing them less time to sit and work on bigger plots.

Secretary Duke said:

“We have worked on some strong measures that we can’t talk about. We are trying to play the away game and that is working against them in their terrorist safe havens and homes.”

“We do have some terrorist groups on the move, you just saw the take-over of Raqqa and so if we can keep them declining and moving they have less time to sit and prepare.”

She also called on technology firms to act more quickly to remove online ISIS propaganda which she says has fueled a rise in homegrown extremism.

Duke said the free movement of goods and people means security has to be tightened in individual countries around the world.

“The laptop is one of the many aviation threats, we will never be comfortable and we will always be evolving. What we believe is that because of the movement of goods and people, we have to raise the baseline worldwide, we can’t only consider our borders.”

Secreatary Duke went on to say:

“We think the level of terrorist threat against the United States too is extremely high.”

“I think that it is challenging for you because you have the proximities to other countries, the ease of movement from some of the terrorist safe havens is a little easier for you, but we feel the terrorist threat is very high in the United States.”


All the while, the Democrats fight the President when he wants to slow down refugees coming from terrorist nations.




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