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Trump’s Reaction To Hillary 2020: Bring it!


Could the THIRD time be a charm for Hillary?

After her humiliating defeat last year, I would have thought that was the end of Hillary. For awhile, she seemed to slink back into the shadows. Here we are a short year later and the talk of 2020 is beginning.  Her name seems to be the only one swirling around. Seriously, do Democrats have a death wish? Would they really run a two-time loser against an incumbent?

Perhaps it is the lack of other viable options. The Democratic Party certainly seems to be lacking in the potential candidates department. Their leadership is full of crotchety old politicians who are clinging to the past. There are no energetic, likable, capable, likely candidates.  Though, we still have a good 2 years for one to emerge before election season is upon us. We all remember that no-name politician that snuck up on us in 2008, so you never know.

After the 2016 election, Democrats seemed to rally around the explanation that Hillary was a “flawed candidate.” She failed to inspire people and had more baggage than people were willing to overlook. Between her scandals and concerns about her health, people were unwilling to give her the position.

Donald Trump knows all of this. He knows she wouldn’t have a prayer in a rematch. So, it’s no surprise that he would be thrilled to have her run again.

H/T Daily Wire

“President Donald Trump mockingly begged twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton to run against him in 2020 at a press conference on Monday.

Fox News reporter John Roberts brought up Clinton’s support for the recent NFL protests during the national anthem and mentioned a tweet from Trump earlier in the day about Clinton running again, at which point Trump interrupted him.

“Oh, I hope Hillary runs. Is she going to run? I hope. Hillary, please run again!” Trump said mockingly.

Trump’s tweet Monday morning:

If she did run, this woman must be a glutton for punishment. I mean, why in the world would she put herself through another humiliating campaign? Is this just denial? I just can’t see how she could possibly think that at her age, after two failed presidential campaigns, she would even consider running again.

Would she even get the support of the Democrats? Her book certainly alienated plenty of fellow Democrats. I doubt Bernie supporters would get on board after she blames him in her book for “lasting damage” to her candidacy and ripped him several times about his “unrealistic” policies.

It’s early, but I have a hard time believing that this scenario unfolds. Hillary turns 70 this month and would be 73 by the election. I assume most candidates hope to serve two terms, and that would put Hillary at 81. The 2016 election already focused on her health and age, I can’t imagine what kind of scrutiny she would face in the future.

Age aside, I just don’t think the Democrats have any desire to run a twice failed candidate again. But I’m with Trump on this one. I hope she does run, because I believe he would win any rematch with her.


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