Son of Jeb Bush Involved in Pay-to Play Scheme with “Reimagined“ Alamo Project

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George P. Bush was caught offering one of Texas’ well known grassroots leaders a board position on the controversial “Reimagined“ Alamo project if he paid for it with a price of $250,000.

The leader of the Kaufman Co Tea Party, Ray Meyers, rather disgusted, turned the offer down with a sharp: “This conversation is over!”

I know Ray Myers. Ray Myers is my friend. George P. Bush, I guarantee you are NO Ray Myers!

Son of Jeb Bush Involved in Pay-to Play Scheme with “Reimagined“ Alamo Project

Myers believes the $250,000 board buy-in purportedly proffered by Wright was intended to “keep ordinary Texans off their committee and out of their business.”

“Actually, it’s the public’s business,” he said.

The Texas Monitor explains:

Ray Myers, a retired high school principal with a lifelong love for the Alamo, figured he could bring a “grassroots” sensibility to the Texas General Land Office’s $400 million vision for the San Antonio shrine.

“I personally spoke to [GLO Commissioner George P. Bush] in April. I expressed my concerns about the ‘Reimagine’ plan and specifically asked why there weren’t any grassroots Texans on his planning committee,” Myers related. “He responded that there should be additional Texans on the committee and promised to get back to me the following day.”

What followed, Myers said, was an April 28 phone call from Ash Wright, Bush’s political director, who offered the Forney resident a board position for $250,000.

“This conversation is over,” Myers told Wright.

Neither Bush, who appoints board members, nor Wright responded to The Texas Monitor’s requests for comment.

Richard Range, a Texas historian in Garland, stated “It is safe to assume that this fight will be loud and ugly. It is also highly likely that when it is over, George P. Bush’s once-promising political career in the state will be finished,”

The fight he refers to is the “Reimagined“ Alamo Project which is highly unpopular with most Texans.

The project intends to totally refurbish the Alamo.

The Texas Monitor continues:

The Alamo project has been riddled by a hailstorm of public objections. Controversial proposals to uproot trees and enclose the historic site with a glass wall have been revised.

Plans to relocate the historic Cenotaph memorial two blocks away and to close down Alamo Plaza’s free-speech zone are still in play but remain highly contentious.

Elected land commissioner in 2014, Bush quickly made a compelling case for his office taking control of the Alamo from the Daughters of the Republic of Texas. It was generally agreed that more resources were required than the DRT could muster.

Bush, with his handpicked board, vowed to “restore dignity” to the iconic site.

The handover wasn’t so dignified. The Daughters sued Bush’s Land Office, alleging that his agency illegally seized artifacts and locked members out of the DRT library. The GLO settled out of court, relinquished claims to the DRT archives, and agreed to pay the Daughters’ $200,000 in legal fees.

Later, Alamo Complex Management Inc., under Bush’s oversight, saw its chief operating officer resign after he used an official credit card for charges at Hooters, a pizza joint, and other establishments. There were also gifts for Spurs player, Pau Gasol, and Princess Astrid of Belgium, who visited the Alamo in December.

What began as a focused effort to repair crumbling sections of the Alamo has morphed into a much larger venture, with much greater financial needs. Outside consultants hired by the boards envision a makeover that deemphasizes the 1836 siege by Mexican troops to, instead, promote “unity, not division.”

“We have to make sure that the Alamo is as powerful in the 21st century as it was in 1836,” Bush told the San Antonio Chamber of Commerce last year.

Yeah right, tell us the real story.

The real story is that the Feds and the UN have a say with what is going on. The Alamo will be “reimagined” and the story will be told in the way that the Federal Government and the United Nations want it.

The TNM reports:

Back in 2014, we publicly warned Texans that there was a push to have the Alamo added to the World Heritage program of the United Nations. In those warnings, we were very specific as to the danger of Texas and Texans losing control over the Alamo. For these warnings, we were labeled as fringe, alarmist, and dead wrong. The Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson and then his predecessor, George P. Bush, went on the record and publicly assured people that Texans would always retain control over the Alamo.

Newly released documents, obtained through the Texas Public Information Act, have confirmed that the TNM was right all along.

The highly controversial “Reimagining The Alamo” project, a $450 million overhaul of the Alamo complex, has drawn the attention of UNESCO. As we predicted, that has led to UNESCO connecting with their partners in the Federal Government at the National Park Service. Now the National Park Service is asserting their authority under the UNESCO treaty to insert themselves into the process.

According to the released correspondence, the Federal Government is flexing their muscles by reminding the General Land Office of their “affirmative responsibility to notify the Centre [for Information of UNESCO] about planned work that could affect the Outstanding Universal Value of the World Heritage Site.” This is the first step in asserting their right to veto or demand changes to the Alamo.

This has been a bad scheme since day one. It, like the removal of statues, is designed to rewrite history. Period.

George P Bush is a moron. Period.

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