SF Chronicle: Democratic Policies have Made California Poorer! Causing Massive Poverty!

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Hard to believe the liberal San Francisco Chronicle even let the headline see the light of day, but when the liberal rag says it, you know it is getting bad!

But there it is, in bold letters: Democratic Policies Have Made California Poorer!

California is in a SERIOUS financial crisis and has the nation’s highest poverty rate, when factoring in cost-of-living. It’s higher than New Mexico, higher than any of the southern states like Louisiana or Alabama, and even higher than Idaho.

SF Chronicle: Democratic Policies have Made California Poorer! Causing Massive Poverty!

Travis Allen, Republican candidate for governor, writes in his SF Chronicle opinion piece:

California has an abundance of poverty and a shortage of housing. Crime, energy prices, rent and the general cost of living are increasing. Our tax burden is one of the highest in America. Californians pay 40 percent more than the national average for their energy. All of this is the predictable result of state laws and regulations that the elites can afford but that make the rest of California poorer.

Call it poverty by design.

One party, the Democrats, enjoys unchallenged control of California government and for a generation has been actively ignoring basic economic principles to implement its progressive policies. Our socioeconomic maladies are squarely, inarguably, the responsibility of the party in power. By every measurement, our standard of living comes up short in comparison to other states. California once led the nation in opportunity, housing, affordability, educational excellence and upward mobility. Now we rank at or near the bottom in nearly every category.

California’s has America’s highest poverty rate at 20.6 percent, according to the Census Bureau’s Supplemental Poverty Measure, which experts consider the best measurement of poverty, as it accounts for cost-of-living factors such as taxes, housing and medical costs — in addition to income. In Central Valley communities such as Bakersfield, Delano (Kern County) and Turlock, the poverty rate is even higher.

But it gets worse, even those who are above ‘poverty’ are in a serious mess.

Another 20 percent of Californians live in “near-poverty” and struggle to pay for such necessities as food and shelter. 13 million of California’s 39 million residents are enrolled in Medi-Cal, the federal-state program to provide medical services for the poor. From the perspective of health care affordability, one-third of Californians are poor.

Liberal Sacramento has caused all of this, as always, their solutions do more damage than solve problems.

Imagine government regulations making it so expensive to build cars that automobile manufacturers could only earn a profit by selling luxury vehicles. That will give you an idea of what progressive politicians have done to housing development in California.

Most recently, California showed its stupidity when one city decided to pay out millions to thugs to bribe them to not kill people!

The city of Sacramento, California, set aside $1.5 million dollars of taxpayers money to pay gang members to stop killing people. The city council unanimously approved the “Advance Peace” program in an attempt to address their ongoing problem with violent crime, according to Fox News.

The program pays gang members to graduate school and stop shooting at people. If a gang member wants to start killing people, they’ll be forfeiting their taxpayer-funded payday.

How is that for brilliance?



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