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SERIOUSLY? President Trump Is Accused Of Creating Hurricane Irma To Kill Black People! [VIDEO]


There is something deeply and seriously wrong with these people. They’ve taken Trump Derangement Syndrome above and beyond normal, run-of-the-mill insanity into the literal stratosphere. The video and tweets below PERFECTLY explain this stupidity. Hatred has driven these people into absolute nuttiness.

Many on the left now evidently believe that President Trump is creating hurricanes like Harvey and Irma to kill black and brown people. I’m not kidding… they are that bonkers.

I hate to break it to these mush-for-brains asshats, but Trump doesn’t control the weather. He’s not Dr. Evil. Scroll Down for video:

Barbuda for instance was destroyed by Irma. 95% of the island was flattened and guess what? 91% of the population there is black. So, in essence, these douchebags are cheering for the deaths of minorities. RACIST!!!

One can only fervently pray these people do not reproduce and pollute the gene pool even further. Some people should not breed… case in point. Those islands they are cheering for the destruction of… the people that live there lost everything. Many lost their lives while these pampered Marxists sit there and unthinkingly wish the worst on them. That’s disgusting and beyond callous.

Leftists are calling it “Hurricane Karma.” Karma would be if they were instead hit with the wrath of Irma. When you wish misery and catastrophe on others, you deserve nothing less than that for yourself. I don’t know what the h*ll is wrong with these people, but it is ingrained and systemic. In a September 4th Facebook post that’s now viral, a user named Breanna Danielle leveled some serious and wild accusations against the President.

Danielle wrote, “So they say Hurricane Irma is headed for Miami. Did y’all realize 70% of Miami is Latino, Hispanic, or Cuban?? 44% of the Haitian population in the US resides in Miami. Miami is like Houston in which it is FLOURISHING economically. Coincidence? Trump wants them off our land so what better way than to flood them out. Read between the lines people.”

And leftists piled on that, as if that was not a load of buffalo dung.

Danielle was then shredded on Twitter for her wacky conspiracy nut-jobbery and then she doubled down.

“I stated nothing but facts in this post and this the post [sic]that got y’all being disrespectful on my page for all the late comers.”

Then a whole slew of rabid leftists joined in the blame game on Twitter, accusing Trump of manufacturing hurricanes and other natural disasters for nefarious purposes. As if he had a weather machine tucked away at Mar-a-Lago or the White House or both.

Then these bottom of the barrel geniuses blamed the wild fires sweeping the West on Trump. Basically, they claim he pissed off the universe because he dissed climate change. I kid you not.

 Meanwhile, Trump has been there for both Hurricane Harvey and now Irma with federal aid, as well as, his own time and money as well. While hateful leftists wish death and destruction on the President and his family, Trump moves forward to help Americans survive these beasts as they made landfall and left many Americans devastated.


Again I ask, WHAT THE HELL is wrong with these people?


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