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Roseanne Stands Up For Trump, Fights Commie Rob Reiner Over Russian BS!


I’ve always liked Roseanne Barr, on and off TV. Many times I even agree with her. As much as I like Roseanne, I despise commie Rob Reiner.

You remember him, he played ‘Meathead’ on “All In The Family”. Turns out, that was far more accurate than anyone knew. Reiner went on to be an actor, writer, director, producer and far-left activist. He hates Trump.

Roseanne had her career cut short after she went after the Clintons. I’ll take Roseanne any day over Reiner and bonus, she likes Trump.

All you have to do is look at Reiner’s Twitter account to see how much he loathes President Trump. It kind of tears my soul that the same man that gave us “The Princess Bride” is such an evil, Marxist moron.

Roseanne is sick of Reiner’s unhinged hatred of Trump and she let him know it. Today, she revealed via Twitter that she actually confronted Reiner in New York City “over all that Russian BS.”

What Roseanne is referring to is the insinuations of collusion between President Trump and Russia and therefore the rigging of the election. None of that happened. But what did happen is that Obama silenced witnesses and covered up Russian dealings over Clinton and the Uranium One deal. The FBI buried all of it! It’s really Obama, Hillary and Russia that should be all the rage. They’ve never found anything on Trump and Russia and my bet is they won’t.

Reiner formed a so-called Committee to Investigate Russia, which is composed of a group of Hollywood liberals and sympathetic Republicans. He just launched the group last month. His goal was to help “Americans recognize and understand the gravity of Russia’s continuing attacks on our democracy.”

This group of course put out a video that was narrated by Morgan Freeman. It’s nothing more than a political witch hunt and massive deflection from the left to cover for Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

Roseanne says she drank too much and wound up fighting with Rob Reiner over Trump and the Russian thing. I’ll bet he couldn’t get away from her fast enough. She accused Reiner of buying fake news, which he does. He also makes fake news.

Reiner told her he wasn’t going to listen to it and he was out of there. Roseanne said he should listen to polite debate. Well, he’ll never do that because it makes him look bad and because his arguments don’t hold water. Watch the video below and you’ll get my point.

I love how Reiner speaks of cyber warfare… a subject he knows nothing about. The Russians have been interfering in our elections for decades, but they didn’t affect this last vote. They couldn’t because the voting booths are air-gapped. So, of course he takes a little knowledge and screws it up. He doesn’t get what a supreme hypocrite he is.

Tucker nails him on China which is awesome. Look, Reiner is a Marxist. He’s got no room to lecture on anyone on Russia and Roseanne is right… it’s all BS and Reiner’s full of it.




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