Report: Ultra Lib Matt Damon Caught in Sick Weinstein Sex Escapade

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It seems it’s not a surprise that Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein had issues, especially when it came to being a sexual pervert. Afterall his little escapades have been covered up for quite some time now. Well, what did you expect, he’s a Hollywood producer in a powerful position and pretty much got whatever he needed or asked for…and I’m not just talking about actors and scripts either.

The cover-up of Weinstein’s sexually perverse escapades in Hollywood runs deep, even among mainstream actors like Matt Damon and Russell Crowe.

In an extremely exposing story for The Wrap, former New York Times reporter Sharon Waxman said The New York Times refused to publish her story that exposed the sordid behavior of the movie mogul.

“In 2004, I was still a fairly new reporter at The New York Times when I got the green light to look into oft-repeated allegations of sexual misconduct by Weinstein,” she explained.

Waxman managed to track down the man who ran Miramax Italy — Fabrizio Lombardo. His real job, however, was something quite different than movie production. Weinstein, who founded Miramax, apparently paid Lombardo a hefty sum to hook him up with women for sexual favors.

“According to multiple accounts, he (Lombardo) had no film experience and his real job was to take care of Weinstein’s women needs, among other things,” Waxman wrote.

Waxman even found a women who was paid off by Weinstein after an unwanted sexual encounter.

This is where it really gets bad — Weinstein, along with Damon and Crowe pressured the New York Times not to run the story — and The Times folded.

Weinstein, a major advertiser in The Times, allegedly visited The Times’ newsroom in person and made his “displeasure” with the story known.

The original story was never published.

“After intense pressure from Weinstein, which included having Matt Damon and Russell Crowe call me directly to vouch for Lombardo and unknown discussions well above my head at the Times, the story was gutted,” Waxman wrote.

Instead, it was edited and any reference to sexual impropriety were removed. The story, which ended up being an “obscure story about Miramax firing an Italian executive” was buried in the newspaper’s Culture section.

Fast forward over 10 years — Weinstein was able to get away with his despicable behavior for decades thanks to Hollywood elites who covered for him — and because of an unprincipled news media who folded under pressure.

Totally disgusting, but I’m not surprised. Are you? I mean what else did you expect from a powerful and rich Hollywood producer? He’s a liberal and a Democrat. Can you say ‘coverup’? That is what Democrats do best right?

In 2004, the Miramax Films division of the Walt Disney Company sought compensation from the former head of its short-lived Miramax Italy office, claiming the executive, a longtime friend of the company’s co-chairman, Harvey Weinstein, held another full-time job simultaneously.

According to an executive who has seen the internal payroll records, Mr. Lombardo was paid 335,895 euros, or $403,000, from Nov. 1, 2003, to July 31, 2004, based on an average exchange rate from the first half of 2004.

But back then, Lombardo said, “I am very proud of what we achieved at Miramax here in Italy. It cannot be that they hired me because I’m a friend.”

Seriously? Ok, we get that now!

In a statement, Mr. Weinstein said Mr. Lombardo was an “executive well worth having in the film industry.”

I guess so! I mean since Mr. Lombardo basically acted as Mr. Weinstein’s so called ‘pimp’. Mr. Lombardo was responsible for hiring women for Mr. Weinstein who would perform any and all sexual favors. Must be nice being a rich and powerful liberal Hollywood producer. It seems the job has it’s perks.

Walt Disney must be rolling over in his grave. Can you imagine? How disgusting! But, hey we are talking about a wealthy, liberal Democrat donor who knew the Clintons pretty good!

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