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Michelle Obama Caught Praising Hollywood Pervert Harvey Weinstein on VIDEO!


As we all know, when it comes to DemocRATS it’s all about the money! As far as Hollywood producer and scumbag Harvey Weinstein being a pervert, well, Democrats could care less. As long as Weinstein continued to make large donations to the Democratic Party what did they care what he did in his spare time? Afterall, it was the same Democrats who elected Bill Clinton as president, right?

So why would it be any surprise to Americans to know that the former first lady, Michelle Obama actually praised Harvey Weinstein. It’s not like she didn’t know anything about his background….(wink, wink). Right?????

Michelle Obama Praises Harvey Weinstein

Disturbing…Meanwhile, they sent their daughter to an internship with Weinstein’s company. Are we really expected to believe the President sent their daughter to work with one of Hollywood’s most infamous sexual predators WITHOUT a background check?

Posted by The Comical Conservative on Sunday, October 15, 2017

That’s right! You heard it here! First Lady Obama THANKED Weinstein for being such a ‘WONDERFUL HUMAN BEING’, ‘A GOOD FRIEND’ and a ‘POWERHOUSE’. Well, he certainly was a powerhouse wasn’t he?

I mean how does a scumbag and bully like Weinstein have this filthy behavior that is projected on women and men for decades and yet, no one says anything?

Oh wait! That’s right! Michelle Obama said he was a ‘good friend’. As a ‘good friend’, she MUST have had some knowledge of Weinstein’s inappropriate and disgusting behavior! You can’t tell me she didn’t know about it! It’s just pathetic isn’t it?

Obama, Clinton and other Democrats never cared about Weinstein’s behavior. They just put up with it like all the other Hollywood liberals because Weinstein had power and money. Nobody said he had morals or principles. Nobody said he was decent. Nobody said they cared either.

As long as the money rolled in….what did Democrats care?!

Recent evidence on Twitter shows Weinstein visited the White House during the Obama administration as least 13 times.

13 times! …that’s a ‘Good Friend’ alright!

According to Fox News, the producer — using his connections to the wealthy Hollywood and New York elite — gave or helped raise more than $100,000 for Barack Obama and the Clintons since at least 1995, according to In addition, Weinstein gave or helped raise — or “bundle” — $1.5 million for Democratic candidates over that time.

That’s a lot of cash from a ‘good friend’ to the Obamas, Clintons and Democrats.

It’s amazing that the Obamas were so much about standing up for women’s rights, yet supported Planned Parenthood and took money from this scumbag Hollywood producer and ‘good friend’, Harvery Weinstein. Did I mention he was a sexual pervert?

I guess it’s not really a surprise that Harvey Weinstein was a ‘good friend’ of the Obama’s. Nope. I mean considering Michelle Obama also said Beyonce was a ‘role model for us all’. Seriously?

A role model? Is THIS is what Michelle Obama really thinks a role model is for her children?

Someone that dances and struts around on stage – with her butt hanging out for all viewers to see? Or someone that wears provocative clothing to sell more records? That’s a role model?

So let me just get this straight. Sexual pervert Harvey Weinstein is a ‘good friend’ and Beyonce ‘is a role model’? Ok, yeah, right! I guess if you are Michelle Obama, a Democrat or a liberalist… you might think that.

Still no suprise, right! I mean afterall the Obama’s sent their children to school a nice little co-educational school for the elite, Sidwell Friends School? In addition, they had a nice little church upbringing in their hometown of Chicago with Jeremiah Wright pastor of the Trinity United Church of Christ.

What more do you want?!

Oh, I’m sorry, I almost forgot to mention that ‘good friend’ of Michelle’s, Harvey Weinstein also gave, Malia Obama an internship with his company in New York.

What else are good friends for, right?


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