Do You Live in a Liberal State? This Firm Helps Republicans Relocate to Red States!

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As a resident of one of the bluest states out there, I know all too well the desire to escape. High taxes, corrupt politicians, anti-business policies and general far-left ideology makes being a conservative tough. Tolerance loving leftists are only tolerant until someone’s opinion is actually different than their’s. They genuinely seem surprised when presented with an alternate point of view, all the while professing that they are the open-minded ones. What a joke!

But leaving isn’t always easy. Job constraints, family obligations and the fear of the unknown can stop people from moving to a more hospitable red state. But take heart! There is now a company devoted to not only helping you find housing in a red state, but job placement assistance and making sure you live where neighbors have the same values as you.

Conservative Move is a company founded earlier this year by Paul Chabot, a conservative from California. Paul moved his young family to Texas and hasn’t looked back. In fact, his only regret is not moving sooner. While Paul loved California weather and had great memories from before the state became a liberal cesspool, he maintains that moving to a red state was the right move for them.

The three states with the largest population growth are North Dakota, Texas and Utah. All three were won by Trump with a healthy margin, making them firm red states. Conversely, 4 of the 5 states that are losing the most population are blue. Coincidence? I don’t think so. If you are unfortunate enough to live in a blue state, you know how bad it is and frustrating it can be. The hostility towards conservatives seems to be growing rapidly, so it’s no wonder we just want to get away from it.

Paul Chabot left California. It’s really too bad because politics aside, California is one of the best states out there. It’s one of the few states with great weather, mountains AND beaches, and plenty of sunshine and amazing beauty. It’s really too bad that conservatives didn’t get a better stronghold there years ago and make it our own.

Paul likens moving away from California to getting out of a bad relationship. You don’t realize how bad the relationship actually is until you are out of it. He lists the reasons for leaving as: California being anti-business, anti-public safety,  ran by far-left ideology that focuses on legalizing drugs and an agenda based on “social justice”. He also says you don’t fit in if you have strong family values.

This is one of those “Why didn’t I think of that?!” moments. Conservative Move seems like a great idea for those looking to move away from oppressive and ridiculous liberal policies to freedom-loving, sensible states. But moving to an unknown area is a risk and having a solid resource can make the transition easier and less risky.

Someday, I will live out my five-year plan and get the hell out of my miserable state. My “Republican” governor recently signed a bill to use tax money to fund abortions through Medicaid, raised the state income tax and made my state a “sanctuary state.” Yeah, I’m outta here. I’m not sure where I’ll go yet, but you better believe it won’t be another blue state.



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