Do You Listen When God Speaks?

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God is in all, of all, and perhaps most importantly, for all.

As I was thinking about this I thought, “including yourself.” In other words I still doubt that God believes in my goodness and wants good things for me. Perhaps this is true of you as well, simply because those around you have been less than supportive of you than they could be, because of their own fear.

It is easy to look at the world and think “How can this be true?” Many awful things happen everyday. We all have painful interaction patterns. I used to be cruel with my tongue, and to a certain extent, am still cynical. Hopefully, the pain and loneliness of behaving cruelly or seeking power, will cause us to search for something that brings us peace and joy.

Many today are turned off by religion and churches, because those attending seem pious and hypocritical. Also many churches seem to lack any spiritual depth. I think this may seem true for those who attend church, but they attend perhaps for the social aspects or simply because it is a part of the culture they were raised in.

However, God speaks to us constantly, if we understand how to listen. The beauty of nature, like that seen on a walk in the fall, reflects our own inner beauty.

God speaks to us especially, I believe, through the arts. How many of you listen to music, or read to relax, or relieve emotional stress. How many of you have come away from a movie, play or concert feelings inspired, uplifted or having some grief resolved?

The arts take us away from thinking and worrying about ourselves, a self the saints say does not even really exist. They say there is no separation from you and God. To express ourselves artistically is also a very loving, nurturing, healing thing to do. I can’t say how many times I have been able to change my mood simply by taking a picture or singing a few verses to myself.

Participating in “Carrie the Musical” has been a blessing for me in many ways. There is so much talent on stage for one thing, that I am learning many new things about acting. I recently had my 35th high school reunion, and many of us struggled during that crucial coming of age time.

“Carrie the Musical” unfolds at a typical high school. Watching the actor perform has helped me resolve and let go of issues from that time, that still linger in my psyche. Of the cruelties done to me and the cruelties I inflicted on others.

“What does it cost to be kind?” is a central question in “Carrie”. I would go one step further and ask “What are the rewards of being kind?” I answer by saying, deeper, more trusting friendships, a sense of peace and of joy. Less regret and sorrow as well.

I love you folks and wish you peace and joy as we sail together through the loving universe restoring our peace and joy.

 Do we need God in America again? Absolutely!
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