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Just In: Something Incredibly Bizarre Happened to MGM Security Guard Campos Shot by Vegas Attacker!


As we all know the recent mass shooting in Las Vegas that killed 58 and injured almost 200 others still has way too many unanswered questions? Like how does the alleged shooter, Stephen Paddock get access to the service elevators to carry all these bags up to his room without anyone in MGM security knowing about it?

In addition, why is there a major sell off of stock by so many MGM executives prior to the shooting? Then there’s the alleged ‘hero’ or security guard Jesus Campos who’s name was scrubbed from the employee database and he was silenced and told not to do any interviews with the media. Why would MGM silence a ‘hero’? 

Jesus Campos, ABOVE, is the security guard who was the first person to engage Paddock when the shooting spree started on Oct. 1. According to Fox News, the Mandalay Bay guard was finally about to break his silence and talk to reporters Thursday night at a news conference.

So, the press assembled and the cameras started rolling. There was just one thing missing: Campos himself.

According to Fox News, the security guard had apparently fled the conference and gone into hiding, with even his union representatives unable to locate him as of Friday morning. They said that just before the news conference was about to begin, Campos simply bolted. (There was still no word on his whereabouts Saturday morning.)

“We were in a room and we came out and he was gone,” the president of the International Union, Security, Police and Fire Professionals of America told the assembled reporters.

Yeah, right!

An appearance on Fox News’ “Hannity” scheduled for Thursday night was also cancelled.

Campos’ scarcity since the attack and the often-conflicting timelines  provided by authorities have made the security guard the subject of conspiracy theories. Yet, as the U.K. Independent notes, no evidence has come to light so far that contradicts the crucial points in Campos’ story: namely, he found Paddock, ended up being shot by him and then notified the authorities.

The conspiracy theories seem to hinge on a reported six-minute gap between when Campos was shot by Paddock and when Paddock began firing into the crowd at the Route 91 Harvest Festival from his 32nd floor room. Police had originally stated that Campos was shot after Paddock had opened fire on concertgoers.

On Thursday, MGM Resorts issued a statement they said was meant to “correct some of the misinformation that has been reported.”

“We know that shots were being fired at the festival lot at the same time as, or within 40 seconds after, the time Jesus Campos first reported that shots were fired over the radio,” the statement read. “Metro officers were together with armed Mandalay Bay security officers in the building when Campos first reported that shots were fired over the radio. These Metro officers and armed Mandalay Bay security officers immediately responded to the 32nd floor.”

Here’s Sheriff Joseph Lombardo of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department at a press conference on Friday:

Of course, if you are not aware, independent media were not allowed to attend the press conference where the sheriff state he’s ‘well aware’ of the timeline dispute released by MGM that claims Paddock fired into the crowd seconds AFTER Jesus Campos was injured by a bullet.

The sheriff stands by his timeline that says Campos was injured 6 minutes prior to Paddock’s gunfire on the crowd.

 The visibly nervous sheriff also made clear that “there is no conspiracy between the FBI, LVMPD, or the MGM” and that “nobody is attempting to hide anything” in reference to the investigation and noted his solidarity with the FBI.
 “We are standing hand-in-hand with the FBI in the continuance of this investigation,” the sheriff explained.

“I feel confident that there are no other individuals that are intending to cause harm to our community associated with the 1 October event.”

 In addition, the sheriff added,

“We have come to learn that the suspect did occupy the room on the 25th and the situation on how the room was compensated or paid for had changed on the 28th to include Marilou Danley,” he explained.

So MGM security guard Jesus Campos, a ‘hero’,  disappears right before a scheduled interview with the media and doesn’t show up for his interview with Sean Hannity?

How on one hand can the president of the MGM International Union, Security, Police and Fire Professionals of America say Campos ….”We were in a room and we came out and he was gone” and on the other Jesus Campos is suddenly shielded and silenced from the media?

It just doesn’t add up!

Campos lives in the Sunrise Manor neighborhood in East Las Vegas and On Scene Investigation & Security Inc. was hired to provide 24-hour security at his home. A white truck is parked outside or near the house manned by security officers. Yet, the security firm isn’t registered to work in Nevada and their business license expired in January 2017.

Here’s a question for ya’! Why is it, Jesus Campos, a ‘hero’ has his house guarded by security, yet Paddock, the ‘alleged shooter’ has his house broken into?

And why is there no digital footprint on Stephen Paddock…it’s like the FBI just covered his trail…or was it their trail?

What’s up with that?!

How can Sheriff Lombardo stand in front of the press and announce no one is hiding anything and yet, there is an unmarked law enforcement car outside of Campos home, AND it looks like a gag order has been placed on him?

Things that make you go…. Hmmmmmm!

Kind of like that airplane of Paddock’s being registered to the FBI, right?

Maybe I will just leave you with this thought:

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