HUGE Veterans Day NFL Boycott Planned! Please Read and Share!

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A HUGE Veterans Day NFL Boycott has gone viral and is expected to reach into the millions in solidarity against teams, players, coaches and owners disrespecting the flag during the national anthem.

Just one of the Facebook events (Please go join the event!) has gained over 100k likes. As many people do not actually join or like an event, it most likely represents 10 times that in itself.

And there are more out there, as well as, 10’s of thousands of individuals pressing for the boycott as well. Texas Ag Commissioner Sid Miller received almost 3k likes on one post alone.  (Please go like the post!)

The Boycott on Veterans Day just ads to an already intense boycott that began last year when Colin Kaepernick was allowed to continue to disrespect the National Anthem. The former NFL quarterback started the movement last year when he played for the San Francisco 49ers, refusing to stand during “The Star-Spangled Banner” to protest the treatment of black people by police. Kaepernick became a free agent and has not been signed by a new team yet for this season.

Following an NFL weekend that saw players and teams respond to President Trump’s comments about the league with more demonstrations during the anthem, the boycott intensified.

The MMQB received numerous emails from NFL fans who said they’d had enough of politics mixing with sports and are done watching the NFL. Read some of those messages.

But this particular Veterans Day boycott is expected to give the NFL a massive message! It will include some of the most die-hard fans, who, while they would like to shut the game off, just really enjoy football.

“We will be not be watching or listening to NFL games on November 12th in solidarity with veterans around the country, as football players have continued to disrespect the national anthem, the American flag, and everything our nation stands for,” the Facebook page for the event states.

The event also calls on people to not purchase NFL merchandise or support businesses that help the NFL. Over two thousand people have said they would be joining in the protest, while another two thousand have expressed interest in it.

“In just a few hours since launching, we’ve already had 1,000 people confirm that they will be turning off the NFL games on Nov. 12 — our goal is 100,000!” the group said about its events numbers. The group’s Facebook page was at nearly 23,000 “likes” by Tuesday afternoon.

It has now overcome the 100k mark.

Boycott the NFL also released a video on their event which has garnered about 3 million views since its release.

“Honor our military, many of whom come home with the American flag draped over their coffin. HONOR the best country in the world. This is not about ‘rights’ or ‘race’…this is about respect!” the video states.

Hundreds of football players decided to take a knee Sunday after President Donald Trump suggested the NFL should fire any players who refused to stand for the flag. Now up in the millions have decided to turn the NFL off.

Advertisers are pulling out, fans are turning them off. That means money is slipping away.

Maybe when these idiots take some huge pay cuts, they will leave their politics out of the game.

Protest on your own time dudes…not on your employer’s time clock! It really is that simple!

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