ESPN Cut the Cameras on This Tribute to Las Vegas Victims… So the Singer Went Rogue!

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It’s been a little over a week now since the largest mass shooting took place in America in Las Vegas that killed at least 58 people and injured another at least 527 others. Several groups including the first responders in Las Vegas have hosted memorials to honor the victims and comfort their friends and families.

Kaya Jones, a native of Las Vegas, and a performer at the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival on the night of the tragedy, was selected to sing “God Bless America” at a recent football game at the University of Las Vegas, but unfortunately ESPN chose NOT to air it. So Kaya Jones did something not too many others would do, she posted the event on social media. It’s gone viral since. I guess ESPN did not want other Americans to see the large display of patriotism and outreach and support of the first responders, military and police officers.

When sports channel ESPN chose not to air singer Kaya Jones singing “God Bless America” at a University of Las Vegas game over the weekend, it deprived Americans of a moment that should have been shared everywhere.

So Jones went rogue and posted online what the sports network did not have the courage to air.

Independent Journal Review reported that leading up to the Jones’ rendition of the song, both teams were escorted on the field by first responders and Las Vegas police officers. Active-duty members of the military then unfurled a giant American flag on the field.

Hundreds of people seated in the stadium held up lighters and cell phones that twinkled behind Jones as she sang “God Bless America,” and when she finished the song, first responders released 58 balloons into the sky to honor those who died in the shooting.

It’s understandable that Jones would be upset that ESPN chose not to show the tribute. She happened to be at the country music festival when the shooting began.

The singer posted a video of the occasion to her YouTube account.

In a post to Twitter, the singer said, “It was about the victims last night not politics yet it wasn’t shown to America. @espn made a choice. So I went to U”

Jones was clear that the moment was about people, and that ESPN made the wrong choice when it decided to cut the camera.

It’s a shame that the sports channel has allowed itself to become mired with politics to the point that it cannot air a tribute to those who lost their lives, yet it has no problem showing football players disrupting and disrespecting the national anthem.

Choosing not to air the Jones singing “God Bless America” was an another example of how out of touch certain liberal stations have become.

Kaya Jones was right. That night was meant to be a tribute and honor to those 58 people who lost their lives. Why would ESPN want to take away that tribute and that moment?

Does ESPN really make enough money that it doesn’t need Americans who are patriots watching their channel? What an insult to Americans? Does ESPN really think that Americans will continue to support their channel if they continue to be disrespectful of patriotism being shown at a game? I guess ESPN just is trying to make a point on where they stand when it comes to patriotism and America. Well, guess what? That’s a 2-way street.

Americans will be happy to take their money elsewhere. Don’t believe me, just ask Starbucks or Target! American consumers got fed up with their policies and said ‘no more’. It looks like American consumers should do the same when it comes to ESPN.


Thank you Kaya Jones! And YES! God Bless America!

H/T Conservative Tribune

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