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While Celebs Lose Their Minds on Gun Control, 1 Pop Star Tells Hard Truth They Won’t Admit!


It’s no surprise that the liberals came out strong on ‘gun control’ after the recent and deadliest mass shooting in Las Vegas. It’s as if we could press play on our digital recorders after every shooting in every city and the liberals’ answer would be the same – we need more gun control. As if the bad guys really care about laws in the first place.

However, one pop star who had been at the concert as a guest of country duo Big & Rich — former Pussycat Dolls member Kaya Jones — had an entirely different outlook regarding the Second Amendment-protected right to keep and bear arms in the aftermath, which she spoke about during an interview Monday morning on “Fox & Friends.”

More gun control is NOT the answer!

After describing how she and others sought shelter from the deadly gunfire in the nearby Redneck Riviera Bar, she explained that her regard for the Second Amendment had only grown stronger, as this situation was even more life-threatening for her than playing concerts in Iraq while under constant threat of rocket attack, according to Mediaite.

“Definitely, what it makes me do is just wanna, you know, carry conceal,” Jones said. “So, our Second Amendment right is enforced in my mind, for me. This is not going to stop me living my life or, you know, being a proud American, a proud performer, no way.”

…because more gun control is NOT the answer.

Jones expanded upon that later in an exclusive interview with Breitbart  where she revealed that, of all the people who sought shelter in the bar, only singer John Rich was armed, and how he handed his gun over to an off-duty FBI agent on his honeymoon who posted up near the door to offer the survivors protection. At that time, nobody knew the truth of the location of the lone shooter and everyone was under the assumption there were multiple gunmen firing and moving from different positions.

All of us in that moment wished we’d had a gun,” she stated. “Because in our head was ‘someone could come through that door and we only have seven rounds in that gun.’ That’s the truth.

“It’s horrible to hear people politicize something that is a travesty,” Jones said of those demanding tighter gun control laws. “There are innocent people that are dead. Let’s make it about them now.”

More gun control is NOT the answer!

She spoke of the “nonsense and foolishness” perpetuated by some on the left and stated emphatically, “less guns don’t equal less terrorists. And I’m going to keep saying that until everyone understands.”

“We can take away guns,” she continued, but, “if you have a madman, he’ll use a car (as we’ve seen), or a knife (as we’ve seen), or a bomb (as we’ve seen). This is what terror is. It doesn’t come in the form of a gun. Guns don’t kill people. People kill people. And I’ll tell you the one thing that makes us feel safe is that John Rich had a pistol that he handed to an FBI agent.”

The pop star then discussed her Christian faith which drives her and her outspoken support for conservative values and President Trump, for which she is not ashamed, despite the efforts of the left to shame her.

…because more gun control is NOT the answer!

She ended the interview with yet another call for the nation to come together and unify as one in the face of our enemies instead of remaining divided over differences.

“We need to not allow — whether it’s foreign or domestic terrorism — the right to think that they can smile over us and say, ‘We got ’em.’ You don’t, you’re not going to break the United States,” Jones said. “No matter how hard they try, we’re a free nation. And they hate us for that.”

“They hate the fact that we’re a free nation. And the sympathy in this country that’s going against our freedom is what’s really scary,” she added.

Kaya Jones is absolutely right. In a time of urgency, gun control laws are not going to help. More gun control does not mean less crimes. Guns don’t kill people. People kill people.

Don’t believe me? Ask Louisiana Rep. and House Majority Whip Steve Scalise. Scalise just recently returned to Congress after his tragic event and injury on the ballfield in June. Gun conrol on that baseball field would NOT have saved his life.

Rep. Scalise would agree with Kaya Jones. Once you’ve been in a situation like they’ve both been in, you support the 2nd Amendment and even carry and conceal that much more.

If the Capitol Hill police officers would not have been on that baseball field who knows what else would have happened.

If country star John Rich had not handed the officer a gun to protect the Redneck Riviera Bar door, Kaya Jones and the others would have reacted a whole lot different too.

Guns save lives, but do you SERIOUSLY think that you will hear any of those stories from the MSM? Absolutely not!

Liberals can take their gun control laws and shove them where the sun don’t shine! As long as we have the Constitution and the 2nd Amendment, Americans like Kaya Jones and Rep. Scalise and others will have laws that give them the rights to protect themselves against the bad guys!


H/T Conservative Tribune


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