ANTIFA Plans Nationwide ‘Deface Columbus Day’ To Deface Statues on Monday

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Violent left-wing anarchists have announced a nationwide ANTIFA campaign to deface Christopher Columbus statues this coming Monday.

We recently reported ANTIFA also has plans in November to literally start a civil war.

In the meantime, Democrats are not sure how to handle their slightly growing problem!

PJ Media explains:

Five Christopher Columbus statues have already been vandalized in New York City in recent weeks, according to Far Left Watch. In one case last month, vandals defaced a “larger-than-life” statue of Columbus in Central Park, leaving blood-red paint on his hands, and scrawled, “Hate will not be tolerated” and “#SomethingsComing” on its pedestal.

What is coming appears to be a coordinated campaign to destroy monuments all across the country on Columbus Day.

The NYC-based antifa group Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement (RAM) made the announcement on Thursday, September 21, calling on antifa groups nationwide to “decorate” their neighborhoods.

According to Far Left Watch, RAM is “an extremely militant group that advocates for the violent redistribution of property” and for “the abolition of gender.”

The militant group recently hosted an “Our Enemies in Blue” anti-police workshop at its branch in Brooklyn, NY.

RAM posted a video called “Against Columbus Day” on the antifa website It’s Going Down, showcasing destroyed monuments across the country and black-clad thugs strutting around menacingly to psycho synth music.

The anarchists encouraged fellow law-breakers to record and broadcast their crimes by using the hashtags #F*ckColumbusDay and #DestroyColonialism.

Antifa’s open vow to overthrow the government along with their history of violent tactics are sure to raise the alarm with Homeland Security.

Earlier this month it was revealed that the Department of Homeland Security has formally begun to classify Antifa’s activities as “domestic terrorist violence,” while the New Jersey DHS lists the group on its own website under the designation of “domestic terrorism”.

The Democrats have even taken steps recently to distance themselves from the group. Even Nancy Pelosi called them out, however she refused to say the word ANTIFA.

Antifa violence has even forced the Berkeley campus police to rethink their tactics.

While Berkeley has for decades been a hotbed for activism from all sides of the political spectrum, the recent bomb scares, seemingly daily protests and threats of violence from Antifa has forced police on this leafy college campus to rethink their tactics totally.

“We can’t turn a blind eye to what happened here, or in the city of Berkeley or any other city across the country for that matter,” Dan Mogulof, a UC Berkeley spokesperson, told Fox News.

In April, controversial conservative writer Ann Coulter cancelled a speech at the school after the Young America’s Foundation pulled its support for the event amid threats of violence.

Then in August, a group of around 100 hooded members of Antifa stormed what had been a largely peaceful rally for free speech in the town of Berkeley and attacked at least five people, including the leader of a politically conservative group that had canceled an event a day earlier in San Francisco to avoid potential violence.

ANTIFA, which claims to be anti-fascism, is actually just a bunch of fascists.

They want to force everyone into their group-think, and they are willing to use violence to do so. Insanity!

Here’s Ben Shapiro completely obliterating that nonsensical idea and dropping some facts, as well as some basic reasoning.

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