Women’s March asks for Harvey Donations,…But Only for Non-Whites!

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Hurricanes don’t discriminate, so why should any of the help for hurricane victims?

Hurricane Harvey dumped a trillion gallons of water in the greater Houston area.   Harvey didn’t target minority areas or go easy on white areas. So why in the world would someone put out a call to help, but only for minorities? People are people and they ALL need help.

To be sure, most, if not all, volunteers that are in Texas risking their lives to rescue people couldn’t care less what race you are. Disasters like this have a way of making us all realize how vulnerable we are as human beings. People band together and help one another and realize all this divisive crap thrown at us by the media is just meant to stir the pot. In reality, people are good at heart and will help their fellow man, period.

But in the detached reality of the internet, people can really be jerks. This Twitter post was a call to help only certain groups of people. That cheapens human life and is disgusting. I am happy to see that people across the political spectrum can also see the callous nature of the post and have voiced their disapproval.

H/T Townhall

“The Women’s March sent out a tweet Wednesday with recommendations for how people can help the victims of Hurricane Harvey in Texas—but based on their suggestions, they seem to be only interested in helping non-whites.

“Here’s a list of orgs working to keep immigrant, Black, Latinx & other communities safe after Hurricane Harvey,” Women’s March tweeted along with a link to a Color Lines article titled, “How to Donate Money and Other Aid to Communities of Color in Houston.”

The article noted how the Red Cross has a sketchy background in terms of how donations are used after natural disasters.

“Per a previous Colorlines article, “an investigation by ProPublica and NPR in 2015 claimed the agency built only six homes with the $500 million it received in donations after the 2010 earthquake which devastated [Haiti].” And last year, after people in Louisiana were displaced by flooding, Colorlines reported that at a Baton Rouge Red Cross shelter, “volunteers had to pay for baby formula out of pocket—even though Red Cross received a truckload of it as a donation that could be distributed to the majority-Black population being housed there. Fortunately, there are organizations whose focus is to provide assistance to communities of color and other groups that are disproportionately vulnerable in times of tragedy”. (Color Lines)

The article then listed 13 organizations.

Social media users were quick to call out the Women’s March for only wanting to help minorities rather than all Americans.

“Does that mean they are not helping caucasians? How is this not reverse racism?” @kathrynkellyPR tweeted.

“What the literal HELL is wrong with us? We start picking and choosing what ethnic groups we’re going to help in a time of crisis?” another Twitter user, @ii_haymon, commented.

Even liberals weren’t pleased with the Women’s March’s recommendation.

“As a liberal, I’ll just donate to everyone. Thanks. #unfollow” wrote @WMAIndivisible.

As @GaryMorris13 noted, “Can’t we just forget about race and love and help everyone?”

Can you even fathom if there was a call to help only white victims of Harvey? Me neither, because it would be despicable, just like this is. This may come as a news flash to some people out there, but white people can also be trapped by floodwaters, be stranded on rooftops and need a place to go.

What kind of human being takes a disaster like this and narrows it down to race?

“Yes, I’ll help you, and you, and you, but not you because you’re white.”


I doubt many people would actually do that when looking into the eyes of desperate people trying to survive, but it’s no different when you discriminate with your pocketbook.

Help those in need regardless of who they are. Does this really need to be said?! Come on, people!

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