Who’s Sick About Comedian Steve ‘Mudflap’ McGrew?

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Liberals these days seem to think that liberal comics can say and do anything, note Kathy Griffin, but a conservative comic best leave liberals alone or they will be made to walk the plank!

They have waged an all out war on comic Steve McGrew. Liberal snowflakes have called him a Nazi, a hack, and human garbage. They are threatening venues to stop them from putting McGrew on stage.

These same liberals defended Cathy Griffin when she created an image of the President beheaded, yet they scream at poking satire at liberals.

Liberals Declare All Out War on Steve 'Liberal Larry' McGrew!

Now I am going to give Steve McGrew, also known as ‘Larry the Liberal’, also known as ‘Tucker the Trucker’, the biggest compliment I know how.

I really do not get into stand up comedy. As far as I am concerned, Lucille Ball was the peak of comedy, Carol Burnett has held the top well since Lucy died, and life has not been the same without George Burns. Dick Van Dyke is the last of the great comedians who could make you laugh without saying a word.

But I really like Steve’s work. He makes me laugh, which MOST comics fail to do. I watch almost all of his work as he releases it on social media. If he can make me laugh, he rocks!

So before going into giving you some examples of his detractors and their obnoxious behavior, I want you to see some of my favorite Steve McGrew / Larry The Liberal / Tucker the Trucker material!

Like his page and subscribe to his channel. You know, all the good social media stuff. THAT is the best way to defeat these snowflake liberals who want so hard to eliminate all conservative free speech!

My all time favorite is when Steve treads into the dangerous waters of Gun Control! ‘Liberal Larry’ knocks this out of the park!

Having raised three girls, this video kept me in stitches. If you have kids, you will bust a gut! This is Steve’s latest release!

‘Tucker the Trucker’ will make you spit out your coffee in this one. We are all tired of this ‘everything is offensive’ crap!

This video with Chad Prather went major viral, you WILL want to share it!

Go to Steve’s Channel, Steve Mudflap McGrew for more of his work. You will NOT walk away without bustin’ a gut! That is how we fight these liberal snowflake morons and their bad behavior!

Go to one of Steve’s shows! He will be in Texas soon!! Fort Worth! I will be there! Find a place near you at SteveMcGrew.com!

Like his Facebook and follow him on Twitter.

Now to these morons who are doing everything in the book to silence Steve.

They really show their true selves. They are weak. The least little thing offends them, because they are easily offended! They never learned manners or good behavior. They are a bad reflection on their parents! It was their parents who should have taught them better!

Liberals are like that though. They attack because they cannot defend their idiotic ideology. Socrates stated so clear, “When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser.”

They could not debate Steve McGrew on the issues that he so eloquently makes fun of, because there is no debating them.

Here are some screenshots of some of the insanity that goes on in social media of these morons. It is the ONLY one place that they are waging war. They spend their time calling venues, making veiled threats to those who might hire him. But it does not stop Steve! He presses on, he fights the fight, and he refuses to let them push him down.

This is sad…

Liberals Declare All Out War on Steve 'Liberal Larry' McGrew!

Liberals Declare All Out War on Steve 'Liberal Larry' McGrew!

Liberals Declare All Out War on Steve 'Liberal Larry' McGrew!

Liberals Declare All Out War on Steve 'Liberal Larry' McGrew!

I could go on. I have more, but you get the picture!

Rodney Lee Conover and I recently interviewed Steve McGrew on our Wednesday Morning Talk Show! McGrew comes in at the 35 minute mark. It was a riot! Listen here:

Comedian Steve ‘Mudflap’ McGrew (the h*llbent southern gent) has been featured on Comedy Central in his own half-hour special. He can be heard on 24/7 Comedy and on Sirius XM radio. Mudflap has released several comedy CDs, his latest, One Sick Puppy, is now available on iTunes. He is a regular at Brad Garrett’s Comedy Club, The Laugh Factory and Sin City Comedy Club in Las Vegas.

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