Watch This Angry Driver Give a Cop-Hating Protester Blocking Traffic A NASTY Surprise [VIDEO]

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Does this cop-hating protester have a job or know what it’s like to have to actually get to work on-time in order to make a living? Ya think this one understands now why blocking the road might not be in anyone’s best interest?

What does any of these numbnuts think they’re doing when they block traffic? Why would anyone support your cause if all you do is cause everyone to be late to where they’re going? What if there was an emergency? How about school kids going to class?

Just because you’re morbidly obese doesn’t mean you can stop a vehicle with your fat beer-gut, but this liberal protestor out seeking “Justice for Isaiah” in the middle of the street in St. Louis got a big-time surprise when he stepped into traffic. Scroll down for the video:

This all as a crowd of cop-hating protesters filled the intersection of Chippewa and Kings Highway in South St. Louis to disrupt traffic. The beneficiary of all this liberal attention was Isaiah Hammett, 21, who died in a hail of gunfire after SWAT officers tried to serve a warrant at his crib. Hammett allegedly made the brilliant decision that he would greet the officers with a loaded AK-47, the St. Louis-Dispatch reports.

Watch the pissed-off driver inch the vehicle forward. Finally, he steps on the gas and the vehicle goes speeding off, dragging the stunned woman screaming along for a short but memorable ride before leaving her fat, yet unhurt ass in the middle of the street.

Blaming the cops who were defending their lives, and taking it out on white motorists, the protestors shouted “F*ck the police!” and blocked cars in traffic.

The only damage the woman appears to have suffered is a well-deserved blow to her big, wounded fat-ass pride, but no doubt the fat beyatch will say she’s disabled and collect our tax dollars.


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