Watch: Kimmel Wants Spicer to Rat on Trump…Here’s His Response Instead

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Sean Spicer was the former White House press secretary for the Trump administration. Spicer resigned from his position back in July.

Recently,  Spicer appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live”, where he spoke about his White House days and what it was like working for President Trump.

Even though Sean Spicer left the White House, that doesn’t mean he’s going to dish out the dirt on President Trump on live TV.

H/T Conservative Tribune:

During the interview, the subject turned to Trump’s tweets, a major source of controversy since Trump announced his presidency. From the tone of Kimmel’s questions, it was clear he was looking for answers that could embarrass Trump — and give his audience a chance to laugh at the President.

Spicer wasn’t going for it.

“I think there were times when you were — you might have wanted to go to bed and said, ‘OK, this is going to be a little longer night.’ Or you would get up — the first thing,” Spicer said when asked if Trump’s tweets ever woke him up at night.

“But that was the, you know — one of the president’s most effective tools on the campaign trail, he continues to utilize it. You were constantly kept on your toes,” Spicer explained.

Then Spicer really let his feelings about Trump be known.

There is no one that is working harder than him when it comes to the hours of the day. He’s up late. He’s up early,” Spicer said.

If Kimmel was hoping that Spicer would start speaking negatively about Trump, he was sadly mistaken. Spicer showed that he wouldn’t be baited into badmouthing the Trump administration.

As a former press secretary, Spicer would have a lot of details about the internal workings of the Trump White House, and so far he hasn’t said anything negative about his time there.

While Spicer and Trump may not have had the smoothest relationship, Spicer has shown that he is loyal to the administration and he wouldn’t throw Trump under the bus just to raise his own profile.

Here’s the full interview of Spicer on “Jimmy Kimmel Live”:

Right off the bat, Kimmel grilled Spicer on the size of Trump’s inauguration crowd.

“If it was up to you, would this even have been a topic?” asked Kimmel.

“If it was up to me, I probably would have worn a different suit,” said Spicer. “The president wanted to make sure the record got set straight.”

Then, Kimmel got crude.

“Why is he so concerned with size? Have you ever seen the president naked?” added Kimmel.

“I have not,” replied a red-faced Spicer.

Leave it to Kimmel to go below the belt.

At times throughout the interview, Spicer appeared to try and distance himself from President Trump, reiterating several times that it was “my job to speak on his behalf” and that Trump would correct him if he felt he’d spoken out of turn or articulated a point poorly.

“Whether or not you agree isn’t your job. Your job is to give him advice,” Spicer explained of his post. He also claimed that he had a special alert on his phone for when the president tweeted, and, when asked if the president ever ran a tweet by him before pushing it out, he replied, “Uhhh…I don’t believe…maybe once or twice.”

Kimmel also pressed Spicer on his defense of “alternative facts,” with Spicer once claiming from the White House podium, “I think sometimes we can disagree with the facts.”

“Can we though… disagree with the facts?!” asked an animated Kimmel.

“Well, look, I think the point is that you can look at a set of—an argument or a set of facts—and come out with one opinion, and someone else can say, well, the facts are the same here, I come out with a different conclusion. That’s what makes our country great.”

Spicer then took shots at the press.

He accused the White House press corps of a code of silence, saying, “They need to understand that when they cross the line, when a member of the press corps crosses the line, that they have a responsibility to help pull that in. And I’ve never seen a group of individuals who protect themselves like the press corps does—especially the White House press corps. They’ve never once, during my tenure and at least to my recollection, ever called out someone who has crossed the line on a story.”

Got that right! Nice job, Spicer. Nice job!

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