Tim Tebow Visits With WWII Veteran At Shelter….Video Goes Viral!

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I’m sure you’ve heard of Tim Tebow. He’s a past winner of the Heisman Trophy, former NFL quarterback for the Denver Broncos, SEC announcer, inspirational speaker and author of ‘Shaken’. He’s also currently a minor league player for National Baseball League’s New York Mets.

In fact, Tebow has just contributed to the greatest rise in minor league baseball in over 23 years. That’s of course, next to Michael Jordan.

Only one man, Michael Jordan, has done more for minor league baseball crowds than Tebow did this year. And Jordan — who wore No. 23 for the NBA’s Chicago Bulls — had the benefit of playing Double-A with bigger ballparks to fill.

The Columbia Fireflies, the Class A team Tebow played for through June 28, saw their attendance increase by nearly 54,000 fans, a 21 percent rise from 2016. The second team Tebow played for, the St. Lucie Mets of advanced Class A, saw attendance rise by 35,803 fans, up 37 percent from last year.

And that’s just the beginning.

On the road, Tebow’s Fireflies drew a crowd, too: to be exact, 2,591 more fans than the home teams averaged against other opponents. Baseball America calculated that Tebow was worth nearly $1.6 million in additional tickets, parking, concessions and other revenue for the rest of the South Atlantic League.

At most venues, Tebow went down the line and signed every autograph opportunity until he was finished.

Of course, one unforgettable moment was when Tebow reached through the netting while in the on-deck circle to shake hands with an autistic boy during a July 29 game in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Tim Tebow is very well known for his charitable work, particularly around his home state of Florida. So it’s a surprise that in the wake of Hurricane Irma, Tebow visited those evacuated citizens of Florida sent to shelters by the storm.  One visit in particular, was a visit with a harmonica-playing World War II vet. Tebow’s treatment of that vet has gone viral.


The encounter came after Tebow visited a special-needs shelter in Jacksonville on Monday.

There, the former University of Florida standout, former NFL quarterback and current player with baseball’s minor league St. Lucie Mets bonded with this awesome veteran, whose skills with the mouth harp were pretty impressive, as you can see by what the cameras caught.

Tebow tweeted,

“Totally uplifted by this #ww2 veteran, who’s spirit and talents encouraged his fellow visitors at this Special Needs Shelter!”

Get the Kleenex. Here’s the video:


What a heartwarming moment.

Tebow is all about faith, hope and love….and bringing all of those strengths to people, especially the victims of Hurricane Irma in Florida.

After his visit with many in the shelter, Tebow posted a photo with Red Cross aid workers at the shelter on Twitter.

Thank you !

Tebow added,

Even though the storm has passed, rebuilding has only just begun. Please continue to

In and around the state of Florida is certainly hard times for many. Tim Tebow wants to ensure the victims of Hurricane Irma, that they are not alone, and that they are loved.  For those that are struggling, worried about their losses, worried about finding food for their families and resources, Tim Tebow is there to brighten their day. Tebow continues to tour around the state of Florida, visiting shelters with the governor.

As Tebow tweeted,

So thankful for leadership and love for the people of our great state.

God Bless the state of Florida, Governor Scott and Tim Tebow.

Thank you for ALL that you are doing!



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