Tim Allen Opens Up About Political Motivation Behind ‘Last Man Standing’ Cancellation!

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Hollywood doesn’t produce much for Conservatives these days. I’ve always loved watching sitcoms, but these days it seems sitcoms are less about laughs and more about cultural indoctrination. You are hard pressed to find a sitcom that doesn’t incorporate enlightened, progressive, main characters and the weirdo, Christian, Ned Flanders-like sidekick. Most shows today showcase alternative family structures and shun anything traditional.

Last Man Standing was the one sitcom that turned that formula around and had a strong, likable, conservative main character, with liberal snowflake sidekicks. However, nobody could argue that Last Man Standing didn’t present both sides of the political spectrum. While Allen’s character was a Trump supporting patriarch, his wife and daughters certainly showed the other side consistently, and more importantly, in a fun and entertaining way. Even the far-left was represented by Ryan, the liberal son-in-law.

So what made this second highest ranked tv show receive the ax? Gee, I wonder. Tim Allen certainly has an idea.

H/T Fox News

“Tim Allen is still pretty upset about the cancellation of his show, “Last Man Standing.” The actor and comedian appeared on a talk show where he discussed ABC’s “poor handling” of the sitcom.

Appearing on Norm Macdonald Live, the host asked Allen about the show, which was cancelled in May in a total surprise to both fans and the star as its ratings were the second highest at the network. At the time, many speculated that the show was given the boot because it and Allen’s humor skew toward more conservative-minded Americans. While ABC denied those claims, Allen told the host that he believes his conservative views were the real reason he lost his sitcom.

“I always wanted ‘Last Man Standing’ to be like Archie Bunker,” Allen said, referencing the controversial “All in the Family” series. “Archie Bunker pushed boundaries, but Carroll O’Connor was not that guy at all. I am a version of that guy. But there is nothing more dangerous, especially in this climate, than a funny, likable conservative character. He is mitigated on the show by a family of women who had a difference of opinions, but he was a likeable guy and a principled guy about work and ethics and all this stuff, I think.”

As The Hollywood Reporter notes, the show came from an outside studio, 20th Century Fox Television, and was therefore expensive to license. Talks to revive the show at CMT broke down over its cost as well. However, given its high ratings, many fans wonder if that’s truly the case.

You can see the interview below with Allen’s comments on “Last Man Standing” beginning around the 34:50 mark.”


I remember when this time of year meant planning your evenings around the new fall line up. Now, I can’t even find a show that is family friendly enough to watch with my son much less a show that doesn’t spark some kind of disgust over the blatant, leftist narrative embedded in each show.

As a huge fan of the show, I am both sad and angry that this show was pulled. It seems clear that conservatives in Hollywood are being completely shut out. If you believe there is any other reason that “Last Man Standing” was cancelled, then I have a bridge to sell you. ABC can deny it all they want, it doesn’t take a genius to figure this one out.

At the very least, some neutral shows would be nice. Just good old fashioned funny. But I guess that would be like asking for good old fashioned football.

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