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Taking the Disrespect Up a Notch! First Kneeling and Now This!


This week the news has been absolutely dominated by the NFL/Trump brawl over #TakeAKnee. Of course, this all started with Colin Kaepernick last season when he decided to take a knee during the National Anthem as a statement about the treatment of minorities in America.

I’m still unclear on two points related to his “protest.” First, what does the National Anthem have to do with this? Most Americans see standing for the National Anthem as a sign of respect to our country and to those who have secured our freedom in the military. How this particular demonstration became linked to oppression is a mystery to many. I’m all for peaceful protest at the appropriate time and place (meaning not at work, but that’s a whole other conversation), but at least have your protest make sense.

Secondly, I don’t really understand why this guy got so much attention in the first place. Perhaps if people simply rolled their eyes at this guy and went on to enjoy the game, we wouldn’t be where we are today. Sometimes it might be better to not add fuel to the fire, but I suppose that ship has sailed.

In any case, the question is what next? This situation has already evolved from one lone kneeler to a full on national debate. The President has become involved, boycotts are rolling and my Facebook newsfeed is so completely clogged up with this story that I’m in danger of missing the pictures my insurance agent posted of his dinner last night!

NFL players naturally crave the spotlight. They will have to take it up a notch to stay relevant in this latest media storm. Enter wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. of the New York Giants. He made an interesting spectacle of himself in the end zone after a touchdown. He decided to get on all fours and lift his leg like a peeing dog. I can see how this could be funny to some who saw this as directed at his opponents. Except it wasn’t.  At least that’s what he is saying on Twitter.

H/T Sports Illustrated

“Odell Beckham made the most of his two trips to the end zone Sunday by trying to make statements with both of his celebrations.

After his first touchdown, Beckham walked around on all fours and then lifted his leg, mimicking a dog urinating. While some, including the Eagles, thought this was a sign of disrespect toward his opponent, Beckham explained on Twitter Monday that it was actually about Donald Trump’s comments about players protesting.

After the game, when asked about the celebration, the Giants receiver hinted at the idea that the celebration was in relation to Donald Trump calling a player who protests the national anthem a “son of b—-,” but he did not explicitly state that was the motivation of his action.

“I’m a dog, so I acted like a dog,” Beckham told reporters after the Giants 27-24 loss.

Following his second touchdown, he raised his fist in the air. When asked if there was a meaning behind the gesture, Beckham said, “Did it look like it? Then it might have meant something.”

After missing the first game of the season, Beckham has totaled 13 receptions for 115 yards and two touchdowns to start his fourth season.”

To be honest, I’m not a football fan. But apparently this guy is pretty good, making two touchdowns in the game. Wouldn’t he rather his football success be the talk around the water cooler the next day instead of his immature dog peeing stunt? I guess some people don’t really care what they have to do to get attention.

“I was in the end zone. I scored a touchdown,” Beckham said, according to “I’m a dog so I acted like a dog. I don’t know if the rulebook said you can’t hike your leg. (The referee) said I peed on somebody, so I was trying to find the imaginary ghost that I peed on. But I didn’t see him.”

What better way to get a rise out of people than to escalate the controversy by jumping on the bandwagon and raising the disrespect even higher? Taking a knee is bad enough, but this is getting a bit nuts.  I can’t even imagine what’s next.


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