Shots Fired: Leftists Declare War on Harvey Rescue Efforts!

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Leave it to liberals to use a disaster like Hurricane Harvey as a business opportunity and capitalize on the weak, vulnerable and stupid.

If there is one thing liberals do best, it’s profit from disasters where they can make a quick buck at the expense of weak and vulnerable Americans. The Texas Organizing Project and Linda Sarsour don’t care about Hurricane Harvey victims, but they do care about dividing this country over race and ‘inequality’ and elector or voter organization.  Don’t be fooled by either BIG Labor or Linda Sarsour!

H/T Conservative Tribune:

As the whole country watched, Hurricane Harvey wreaked havoc on Texas, leaving destruction and vulnerability in its wake.

The impact is still being felt directly by thousands of people dealing with miserable conditions on the ground, but leftist groups have wasted no time firing the first shots in what is likely to be a  long-running battle over what is already a huge pot of money from charity donations for relief and recovery efforts.

Self-proclaimed activists are discouraging generous Americans from donating to Harvey relief efforts to established organizations and instead asking them to donate to left-leaning causes.

Many of these groups are hardly engaged in relief efforts and are potentially using the devastation as an opportunity to solicit political funds, according to The Washington Times.

Linda Sarsour, the Muslim activist who called for jihad against the Trump administration, sent out a tweet last week asking her hundreds of thousands of Twitter followers to donate to the Texas Organizing Project Education Fund.

Donate to the  Hurricane Relief Fund. 

Rebuilding in areas impacted by  will be most challenging for marginalized communities. DONATE HERE: 

Texas Organizing Project or TOP, a group currently fighting against voter ID laws and supports sanctuary-state status, claimed it was part of a joint effort with the Hurricane Harvey Community Relief Fund.

After a little research, however, Twitter user Rob Province had a different take.

Michelle Tremillo, Texas Organizing Project executive director, told critics that “every penny given to this fund will be spent on making the communities impacted by Harvey whole again.”


Linda Sarsour?

The same woman who believes Sharia Law supercedes any laws of this country. The same woman who attacked other Muslim women who disagreed with her by saying that they should have their genitals mutilated and that they “dont deserve to be women.”….THAT Linda Sarsour?!

Give me a frickin break!

Organizations with dodgy politics want Americans to donate to their groups instead of the American Red Cross, a humanitarian group that has been around for more than 130 years.

Why would anyone trust a leftist group whose primary focus is derailing the Trump administration when they could donate to trusted organizations like the Red Cross?

These are activist groups using a natural disaster to solicit money from well-meaning people to fuel their own agenda.

Gee, where have we heard THIS before?….Remember Haiti disaster?….The Clinton Foundation made a bundle off of that now didn’t they?!

Don’t fall for it!

If you want to donate to victims of Hurricane Harvey, here’s a couple I would suggest:

  • The big-hearted JJ Watt, a former Wisconsin Badger turned NFL Superstar, is bound and determined to make sure Hurricane Harvey victims are helped directly as well here.
  • Red Cross – The American Red Cross of Greater Houston provides service in the following main areas: disaster relief and preparedness education; assistance for military personnel, veterans and their families; health and safety courses; transportation of seniors and the chronically ill to critical medical appointments; and the distribution of life-saving blood products to 15 Houston area hospitals. You can help here.

Don’t fall for Big Labor or SEIU, Lind Sarsour or even Hillary Clinton….Don’t donate to TOP. You will NOT be helping those in need, but rather funding those involved with organized big labor like the SEIU and Linda Sarsour, who want to make a quick buck off of your stupidity and vulnerability.

Liberals don’t believe Americans are smart. They prey on the sheeple. They prey on the less fortunate during disasters. Don’t buy into their BS!



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