Rahm Emanuel Just “Banned” Trump from Chicago!

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Leave it to a Democratic Mayor Rahm Emanuel of Chicago to ban the President of the United States of America. What a moron! Rahm must not believe in the president enforcing the Constitution and immigration laws, either that or votes are more important to him. Rahm Emanuel must also feel since everyone else is leaving Chicago because of the city’s high taxes, the least he can do is encourage illegals to stay.

H/T Conservative Tribune:

When President Donald Trump decided to repeal the Delayed Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, saying that such an initiative could not be implemented via executive order and was instead the province of Congress, Democrats by-in-large responded in a calm and rational manner.

Sure, they disagreed with the Trump administration’s decision, but they made it clear that they would work together with congressional Republicans to come up with a way to — oh wait, sorry, no. They flipped out and banned the president from a major U.S. city.

According to Fox News, as part of the left’s collective conniption over the idea that something imposed by presidential fiat could also be repealed by presidential fiat, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel declared his city a “Trump-free zone,” apparently banishing the president from America’s murder capital. More’s the pity.

Addressing a room full of individuals protected under DACA on Tuesday, because apparently subtlety isn’t his bag, Mayor Emanuel told the “Dreamers” that “you are welcomed in the city of Chicago.”

“This is your home and you have nothing to worry about,” Emanuel said. “Our schools, our neighborhoods, our city — as it relates to what President Trump said — will be a Trump-free zone.”

Really? I can just see it now. Armed soldiers from People’s Republic of Chicago Army, vigilantly keeping watch on the roof of the American Airlines terminal at O’Hare Airport. As a frosty dawn breaks over the Windy City, a young recruit with a hardened gaze stares grimly through a pair of binoculars. Through the peach-colored morn, he observes the one object he’s dreaded seeing since the day he first took up this post.

“Incoming!” he shouts. “Eight o’clock! It’s Air Force One! And I think Melania’s wearing heels!”


The 5 a.m. quietude is shattered as the rhythmic thump-thump-thump of combat boots echoes through the high-ceilinged terminals. Inside the United first-class lounge, a group of snipers moves into position on a supple leather couch, smashing a frosted plate-glass window to get a better shot. Across town at City Hall, a steely Mayor Emanuel stares off into the distance, savoring the struggle of wills that has brought him face-to-face with his mortal adversary, the dastardly and perfidious Donald J. Trump.

“You’re mine, now, Mr. President,” Mayor Emanuel hisses under his breath. “I’m not going to let you get away with NOT letting us get away with shredding the Constitution.”

Next to Mayor Emanuel, an obsequious aide starts to speak: “You know, Mr. Mayor, another six people were killed last night in drive-bys, and the police say–“


“Not now, low-level functionary!” Mayor Emanuel roars. His eyes narrow and his tone grows hushed and ominous: “We’ve got presidents to ban.”

Right. Probably not. Mayor Emanuel’s pronouncement was just one any number of fundamentally unserious responses from the American left over DACA’s repeal. Sure, it may have been the silliest, but let’s not pretend there wasn’t competition.

It’s worth noting yet again that, as part of the DACA repeal, the administration is giving a six-month grace period so that Congress can do its job and work something out.

Oh…I bet the Mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel, forgot to give THAT little piece of information out to his wonderful illegal citizens in the sanctuary city of Chicago.

He probably also forget to inform them that former President ‘I’ve got a pen’ Obama created DACA in the first place and that it was done UNCONSTITUTIONALLY!

Yeah, probably NOT going to hear that from the Windy City mayor are we? Just like he’s probably not going to brag about the cities high crime or poor test results either. Nor is he going to talk about his recent ‘pop tax’ that applies to everyone in the city but the low-income. And I highly doubt Rahm Emanuel will talk about all the ghost jobs or the pension mess that the city and the state of Illinois is in.

Yeah, never mind about all that! Rahm Emanuel has better things to do, like ban the President of the United States of America. Nice work, Rahm!

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