Libs Cry About DACA, But Here’s the Real Average Age of These “Kids”!

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Americans know, even though liberals won’t admit it, that if it weren’t for President ‘I have a pen’ Obama, America would not be in the mess it’s in. DACA was UNConstitutional in the first place. President Trump is just cleaning up the mess and putting it back where it should have been in the first place, in the hands of Congress to solve.

Liberals and the mainstream media have done their best to paint President Donald Trump’s decision to formally end President Barack Obama’s amnesty for some 800,000 immigrants living in the country illegally as heartless. Suprisingly what the MSM and liberals won’t talk about is the average age of those so called DACA “kids.” It’s probably because they are NOT kids! They are ADULTS!

H/T Conservative Tribune:

The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, or DACA, has allowed many immigrants, some who arrived in the country in 1990s, to obtain work permits.

According to a results of an online questionnaire given to DACA recipients, the average age of these “children” is 25, with some recipients being as old as 35.

That’s right 25!!!!! That is not a kid! That is an ADULT!

The online study, conducted by associate professor of political science at the University of California Tom K. Wong, examined everything from age to education levels among recipients.

Liberals have called Trump’s decision cruel and heartless, and have even made the outrageous claim that ending the program furthered the president’s alleged “white supremacist agenda.”

Considering the volume of hate that’s been directed at the Trump White House, the claim isn’t surprising, but it’s simply NOT true.


The decision wasn’t an easy one.

“This administration’s decision to terminate DACA was not taken lightly. The Department of Justice has carefully evaluated the program’s constitutionality and determined it conflicts with our existing immigration laws,” acting Homeland Security Secretary Elaine Duke said in a news release, ABC News reported.

DACA not only conflicts with immigration laws, but its recipients are NOT kids — NOT BY A LONG SHOT!!!!

During an interview on Fox News on Monday, Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach argued that DACA recipients “are not children” and explained that if the left is concerned about the cancellation of the program splitting up families, the illegal alien parents could also go back with their so-called children.

The average age of DACA is 25!!!! They are NOT children!

Furthermore, maybe the illegal alien parents who brought these “kids” here should go home too. They are HERE ILLEGALLY! Let them get in line like all the rest of the other immigrants that want to come to America legally!

As I said liberals can continue to call Trump’s decision of DACA heartless, but America wouldn’t be in this mess in the first place, if it weren’t for former President ‘I have a pen’ Barack Obama and his unlawfulness.  DACA was UNCONSTITUTIONAL! President Trump is just trying to do his job and clean up Obama’s mess. And WHAT A Mess it is!!

So please, liberals…don’t lecture us on Trump’s cruelty, heartlessness or alleged “white supremacist agenda.” Gag me!




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