YES! Police Respond To Cleveland Browns Kneeling For National Anthem- It’s A BOYCOTT!

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When we saw the Browns take part in the biggest protest yet on the Monday night football field, Americans, the real ones…were not very happy about it.

The Browns action was just obnoxious and so very disrespectful, and that’s to say the least. Well, normally in this leftist game of divide and whine about it, we don’t get any sort of relief for our desire to see them slap themselves for their stupidity.

Well that’s changed…

The Cleveland police, AND EMT’s including other first responders are now responding to the Browns’ nonsense…and are doing so by refusing to take the field to hold the giant U.S. flag at game opening.

It was August 21 while the Browns were preparing to meet the New York Giants on the field that almost a whole dozen members of their team decided to take a knee together during while the national anthem was playing. Now, the it’s our turn.

This act of defiance and disrespect for our country and her heroes enraged many of their local fans, and this is including the Cleveland Veterans of Foreign Wars who posted about it announcing a boycott of the Browns’ games.

Famed Browns star Jim Brown also criticized the protest telling the young players not to “disrespect the flag.” Days after Brown’s admonition, the whole team was seen standing during the anthem at the Browns’ next outing.

However, the return to standing at attention for the anthem wasn’t enough for the local police and EMT unions., according to Fox 8 Cleveland.

The Cleveland Police Patrolmen’s Association and ILA Local 1975, which represents the city’s dispatchers, EMTs and paramedics, have announced that they won’t participate in a flag ceremony the team had planned to perform for the season opener.

EMS union President Daniel Nemeth said the union is refusing to participate in the planned ceremony because of the players’ August 21 protest.

“This hit home with me. I am a veteran, an 8-year veteran with the U.S. Marine Corp. So, to disrespect the flag by taking a knee is not something I was going to be a part of,” Nemeth told the media.

Police Union President, Steve Loomis has agreed that the team’s protest went too far, and was just too much to take. It was crushing.

“I’m here at a national police convention, and soon as they hear that I’m from Cleveland, the first question is ‘What about those stinking Browns?’” Loomis said. “So if the ownership of the Browns and the league are going to allow that type of stuff to happen, and then come to us and say, ‘We want you to help us with the flag,’ that’s hypocritical. We’re not gonna participate.”

The week before the preseason started, Cleveland Coach Hue Jackson said he was against Colin Kaepernick-styled protests, saying he hoped that his team wouldn’t “have those issues.”

Clearly his players had other ideas, and now the police and EMS have ideas of their own.

God Bless our Men & Women in Blue… the true Americans, appreciate and salute you!

Colin Kaepernick, the Browns, and anyone else doing these antics and bad behavior on their employees time should be ashamed.


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