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WATCH: Pittsburgh Steelers Cry Uncle! We WILL ALL Stand for the National Anthem!


After a weekend where the NFL, and especially the Steelers, took huge backlash for disrespecting the flag and the national anthem, the Pittsburgh team has announced that the entire team will begin standing for the National Anthem!

“I promise you one thing, this week we will all be standing out there for the national anthem. Trust me,” Steelers center Maurkice Pouncey said Wednesday.

Pouncey says he expects the entire team to be on the field for the anthem.

“As far as I know it’s 100 percent participation,” Pouncey told reporters. “We love this country. It’s America. We know there are injustices in this world, but to me, personally, football is football and that’s what we need to approach it as.”

WATCH: Pittsburgh Steelers Cry Uncle! We WILL ALL Stand for the National Anthem!

The Steelers decided to remain in the tunnel during the national anthem during their Sunday game against the Chicago Bears.

Tackle Alejandro Villanueva was the only Steelers player who stood outside the tunnel.

Pouncey says the whole thing was a big misunderstanding.

“I promise you this week that we’ll all be standing out there for the national anthem. Trust me. We respect our flag, and we respect our military and everything that is a part of it,” he said.

The Steelers decision didn’t sit well with some Steelers fans who took to social media to voice their outrage, and even burn team merchandise.

“I think this week we are going to show that. We are sorry for all of our fans who are upset about the things that went down, and I think we’ll come together and all of this will be out the window,” Pouncey said.

It is about time!

AGAIN… these players have all the right, and I would stand by them to the death to defend that right, to protest and use their 1st Amendment rights to convey whatever message they want….

ON THEIR OWN TIME! Not their employer’s time or using their employer’s venue.

I expect many teams will follow, and I suspect that the NFL will have to get a hold of this issue. The boycott went crazy after this last weekend. It was already making a severe impact before.

Last year, Colin Kaepernick did so much damage that the NFL had to refund its advertisers because of a fast drop in viewership. At one point, ratings dropped to levels not seen since the 70’s.

In fact, Kaepernick really made a mess with his stupid antics!

Colin Kaepernick and his faux protest cost the 49ers $$Millions of dollars!

The NFL was forced to Refund Advertisers Because of Historic Low Viewership!

Monday Night Football hit its lowest viewership EVER as the protests have escalated!

In fact, the NFL’s Monday Night Football lost almost half it’s viewership in 2 weeks!

The NFL is a business, a BIG business! These players and their stupid antics have cost their employers big money, and it has reverberated all the way through the system. Disney and Comcast, stadiums and their vendors, merchandise and a plethora of other places that rely on the popularity of the NFL have taken a big hit in profits.

Roger Goodell best get an upper hand on this.

Roger Goodell needs to be the employer he is supposed to be and state very clearly. “Protest all you want, on your own time.”

It really is that simple.


There is a major Veterans weekend NFL Football Boycott Planned. Click here for details.

We will be not be watching or listening to NFL games on November 12th in solidarity with veterans around the country, as football players have continued to disrespect the national anthem, the American flag, and everything our nation stands for.

What do you think of this CEO pulling ads and sponsorship from the NFL?

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