[PHOTOS] Woman Insists She Finally Has The “Perfect Body,” But Wait Till You See It!

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What woman do you know is satisfied with her body? You could ask any woman, and I’m sure most would say the same thing – they are not happy with their body.  There always seems to be one thing that they don’t like.

Some women don’t like their nose. Some women don’t like their butts. Others find their breasts either too small or too big. There always seems to be something in general, a woman finds ‘wrong’ with her body.  You’d think we could just enjoy the fact that God created us and we are ‘good’.

But there are a few women, that thanks to media, marketing and the entertainment world, who feel the need to modify their bodies to look better or similar to a celebrity or person they ‘look up to’. I have to say, some women have actually made great changes.  Others, like Argentinian model Aleira Avendano have gone just way too over the top.

After four boob jobs, two nose jobs, and butt implants, a woman finally believes she has achieved the “perfect body.”

Argentinian model Aleira Avendano also wears a corset 23 hours a day to keep her waist as tiny as possible. What she has now is an almost unbelievable hourglass figure.

America Now reported:

The 26-year-old doesn’t just rely on waist training and a healthy diet — she’s also undergone over 20 plastic surgeries, the Daily Mail reports. These included four separate breast enhancements, two nose job, and a gastric bypass. In addition, she’s had three butt implants, a forehead lift, liposuction and neck elongation. She even had her teeth removed and now wears dentures to give her the perfect smile.

Despite her rigorous routine, Avendano noted that working on her figure is the best thing that has ever happened to her. She hopes to one day be known for her body.

Oh….that doesn’t seem to be a problem, but I’m not so certain she’s going to be known in a positive way.

“Every woman should have plastic surgery to be truly beautiful,” Avendano told the Daily Mail.


The insanity – she’s ONLY 26 years old! She’s already had 20 plastic surgeries. What is wrong with this woman?

Not one breast enhancement, but 4! Yes, 4!!!! Not one nose job – but 2! Not one butt job, but 3!!!  You have got to be kidding me?!

To me, this is someone who has gone over the top with plastic surgery. She didn’t find herself attractive so she just kept making so-called improvements or enhancements to her body. Isn’t there a limit? Did she have that low of self-esteem to do all this? Did she really not feel she was beautiful UNTIL she did this?

As a woman, I have to ask myself, what man or individual might have spurred this need for her to make so many enhancements or improvements to her body? Don’t you wonder if someone played a role in her image? Did someone encourage her to do this? Is she doing this as a publicity stunt? Is she doing this to get a job as a model? Don’t companies want to hire more models who resemble the average person?

This sounds like a person obsessed with plastic surgery. Here’s a few of others:

When will they learn? This is a sick obsession and these women (and men) need help.


H/T I Have The Truth


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