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NFL BOYCOTT Goes VIRAL, If Ungrateful Players Can Sit-Out Anthem, Fans Sit Out On Games!


Last year the NFL took a HUGE hit in attendance, viewership, and thus advertising dollars and it has not stopped this season as fans continue to boycott to an extreme that has top brass very worried!

Kaepernick has inspired a movement of football players participating in the antics in which players kneel instead of standing for the American National Anthem.

As player activism becomes more widespread, the NFL is caught in a tightening vise of boycotts from both sides of the political spectrum.

NFL BOYCOTT Goes VIRAL, If Ungrateful Players Can Sit-Out Anthem, Fans Sit Out On Games!

In Week 1, eight players sat, kneeled, or raised a fist during the national anthem, including Seattle Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett, who says he was recently roughed up and cursed out by Las Vegas police during a videotaped arrest.

Fourteen more players stood near protesting teammates in support, including 10 members of the San Francisco 49ers who gathered around kneeling safety Eric Reid. None of the Browns took a knee during their season opener. They locked arms with police and military members, with team owners Dee and Jimmy Haslam standing nearby, as the video played.

There are no presidential debates to blame for the NFL television ratings drop this time. To make matters worse, there is a smaller boycott because the NFL did not hire Kaepernick.

Michael Moore has joined the fray this year he’s quitting the NFL.

In a late-night Facebook post Thursday, Moore said simply, “I’m done.”

“I’ve decided to boycott the NFL this year because 32 NFL teams have colluded to blacklist one player: Colin Kaepernick,” he said.

But as players on many teams continue the antics this year, NFL numbers just keep dropping!

The first and second games of the “Monday Night Football” doubleheader were down 12.5 percent and 7 percent, respectively.

The NFL’s ratings were down from Week 1 last season. We already knew the ratings for the Thursday night opener were down. The Kansas City Chiefs’ upset over the New England Patriots drew a 14.6 rating, down 11.5 percent from last season. Then on Sunday, CBS’ regional games were down 17 percent, Fox’s regional games were down 28 percent, and the Fox’s Sunday afternoon national game dipped 17 percent, according to Yahoo Finance.

Sports is often a place where America puts aside its differences to enjoy the spirit of competition and community, but even the massively popular NFL is threatened by these extraordinarily divisive times. There’s no easy escape for a league in which the majority of players are black and the audience is mostly white.

What will they do? They have let this go so far that now they are damned if they do, damned if they don’t. They should have nipped it in the bud, taking advantage of their ownership, and putting their foot down.

You cannot use your employers venue to put out your political beliefs. You cannot protest on your employers time clock! It is called insubordination and is an easily fire-able offense!

“It’s tough, the decisions that the NFL will have to make going forward,” Browns tight end Randall Telfer, who appeared in the video, told The Undefeated.

“At the end of the day, it’s political. When it gets political, you’re going to have polar opposite views. You have people who feel strongly about what they believe in. It’s hard to change that mindset,” Telfer said.

The NFL blew it, they allowed the game of football to get political, and now the repercussions, financially are huge. They bets get control of this, somehow, and quick! They have the right, to make football, and the NFL non-political again, but it is going to take guts!






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