Ashley Judd Wants To Live In Middle East Where Women Have “More Rights”

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Ashley Judd is an American actress and political activist, but no one said she was smarter than a 5th grader. While she is best known for her ongoing acting career spanning a couple decades, she has become more involved in global humanitarian projects and politics. This year she was a strong supporter of the Soros funded ‘Women’s March on D.C.” although if you asked her, she probably doesn’t even know who Linda Sarsour is.

It seems Ashley Judd, felt the need to express to Americans, loud and clear that many other countries including those in the Middle East are way ahead of America when it comes to women’s rights and equality. Seriously?

It would appear that Judd needs to visit more countries in the Middle East and become a little more educated, maybe then she would understand the real rights of women in America are not too shabby. Or then again, she could just continue to be Ashley Judd, a misguided idiot who never learns from her mistakes, afterall, she did vote and support Obama for President, twice.

Misguided idiot liberal Hollywood actress / celebrity, Ashley Judd, actually sent out Tweets saying America lacks behind some other Middle Eastern countries in equal rights for women.

 The day after Trump took office, Judd also delivered her widely mocked “I am a nasty woman” speech at the Women’s March in Washington, D.C., stating with the ferocity of a crazed person…

Ashley Judd, is the same nutjob that on one hand can wear a pink-eared hat to a ‘Women’s March on DC’  and shout obscenities and things like, “I’m as nasty as a man who looks like he bathes in Cheetos dust”, but then become ‘uncomfortable’ and have a ‘meltdown’ at a Kentucky Wildcats basketball game just because a man tells her he’s a ‘Trump supporter’. Get real! This woman exemplifies what it means to be a liberal nutjob!

Hat tip: Daily News Cycle

Judd should have left on the same plane with Cher, Whoopi, Lena Dunham, and others. This was the captain speaking on Trump Flight 1600:


Judd also addressed the matter on her Facebook page, asking, “What if emojis came, standard issue, in black? So WE whites had to scroll to find a color that more accurately resembled US?”

She wrote that such a question “gives me a glimpse of what it may be like to be a person of [color] in a white-centric world. Everything set to the standard of whiteness, everything else a variation thereof.”

More from Judd’s post:

I still want to be called a “non person of color,” to designate my whiteness in contrast with “person of color.” It could help address the inherent flaw in whiteness as the default standard, the term PoC being obviously a contrast to white. And “non person of color” has the added benefit of….”non.” A negating word preceding talking about me and my race/ethnicity. Now, wouldn’t that be helpful and good for a while? For me to experience what it may be like to have my personhood negated before a conversation even gets started? Because isn’t that what has happened with and to people of color for so long? Personhood negated through language, and a prism of other ways….

Some commenters supported Judd’s observation. One replied, “Thank you, Ashley, you make me proud to be a Kentuckian. You prove it is not the backward state that everyone wants to think it is!”


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