Heartless Liberal Uses the Lowest of Scare Tactics in Town Hall Meeting with Senator Toomey

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As a parent, nothing will get your attention quicker than being told something terrible has happened to your child. No matter your politics, religion or background, a parent’s love is universal. Exploiting the most vulnerable part of being a parent for a stupid political point is low. But liberals tend to go low whenever they can.

Senator Pat Toomey (R-PA) was holding a townhall meeting this week when a liberal attendee decided to scare the daylights out of Toomey by telling him that his teen daughter had been kidnapped. A few long seconds later, the man revealed that he was trying to make Toomy feel what it’s like to be an illegal immigrant subject to deportation.

Here is the clip of the exchange, however the audio has been redacted.

H/T Daily Wire

“A truly creepy and awkward moment occurred during a town hall in Bethlehem, PA when a left-wing activist asked Sen. Pat Toomey (R-PA) if his daughter had been kidnapped.

Toomey was a holding a town hall on August 31 when a man identified as Simon Radecki suddenly asked Toomey a rather disturbing question.

“We’ve been here for a while,” Radecki said. “You probably haven’t seen the news. Can you confirm whether or not your daughter Bridget has been kidnapped?”

There was an eerie, frightening silence that ensued with Toomey simply responding with an “uhhhhh” for about four seconds, before Radecki said, “The reason I ask is because that’s the reality of families that suffer deportation…”

A visibly irked Toomey then promptly dismissed the question as “ridiculous”. Radecki was then escorted out of the town hall and is now likely to face charges of disorderly conduct.

Radecki later said his “only regret right now honestly is that the focus has been on me and the question I asked. And the substance of the conversation has taken a sort of back seat.” Radecki, who has worked for an array of left-wing organizations and on Sen. Al Franken’s (D-MN) re-election campaign, is apparently so ideologically driven that it is of no concern to him how frightening his question was: (H/T:Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)

“If you were in the room, it was one of the scariest things that I have ever been a part of,” said PBS39 CEO Tim Fallon. Even after Mr. Radecki attempted to explain his query, Mr. Fallon said, “All I was processing was ‘Oh, my God, what has happened?’ … It was perceived as a threat by myself [and] folks I have had interactions with.”

“Asking questions that are based upon kidnapping a child is not only reprehensible, but it is inherently threatening,” said Steve Kelly, a spokesman for Mr. Toomey.

The Bethlehem police are the ones who appear ready to level charges against Radecki, although it seems unlikely that they would hold up in court”.

This man, Simon Radecki, is lucky Senator Toomey didn’t suffer a heart attack after the scare he put in him. Racecki is a scumbag that does nothing to increase sympathy for his cause. Instead, he spotlights the disgusting nature of tactics that the left will sink to in order to grab a headline. Fortunately, the headlines he has gotten highlight what a horrible person he is.

As a parent, I can’t imagine the panic Senator Toomey felt in that moment. I’m assuming Mr. Radecki doesn’t have any children, because no normal parent could wish this feeling on another, even for a second.

So far, Radecki’s arrest has been for disturbing the meeting, it seems to me that charges should include threatening Senator Toomey’s daughter. Maybe some time in jail will give Mr. Radacki time to think about what a jerk he is.

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