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Here’s the Dark Side of the New iPhone X Face Scan Feature!


Well, Apple lovers are all buzzing with the recent news of the new iPhone X. It seems Apple has pulled out all the bells and whistles for this one which includes Face ID. Of course, all that new Apple technology and updates comes with a pretty price too! Apple users will spend somewhere between $1000 and $1200 for the new iPhone X.

So Apple lovers will pay a pretty penny to have their face scanned into their phone. Nice, huh? Well, at first you may think so. Unfortunately, there’s always a dark side when it comes to new technology and the iPhone X is no different.

H/T Conservative Tribune:

The issue involves whether someone can unlock the phone merely by pointing it at your face. This is problematic, and Apple insists that they’ve solved the issue. They say that you have to be looking at the phone with both eyes open in order for it to register, according to the U.K. Telegraph.

However, there is more of a chance that someone can trick you into doing that than, say, forcing your fingerprint on the phone.

There’s also the issue of coercion or physical force. While a crime victim could theoretically refuse to give up a password no matter what the circumstances — threats of physical pain or actual physical pain — a criminal without compunction could easily use the physical force necessary to hold the victim and phone in place long enough to gain access to the device.

On the other side of the coin, that same issue arises with the possibility of abusive law enforcement.

In the case of a Touch ID-enabled phone, police officers would have to force a suspect’s finger onto it to gain access to it — a definite no-no without a warrant. Who’s to say that a police officer, however, couldn’t hold it in front of a suspect’s face to gain access, though, keeping it there for a significant period of time until the suspect acquiesces?

There’s no precedent for this sort of thing in the courts, and before the Fourth Amendment issues get sorted out, there are all kinds of ways one can imagine law enforcement would be likely to stretch the boundaries of warrantless searches.

The Conservative Tribune takes a pro-law enforcement stance on most issues, of course, but the liberty of Americans against the power of the state is a fundamental principle. Anything that endangers that warrants close scrutiny.

While Apple notes that the the Face ID technology is theoretically more secure than Touch ID — there’s less than a one in a million of unlocking it with someone else’s face, compared to a one in 50,000 chance under Touch ID, Forbes reports — there are always complications that need to be explored.

During Trump’s campaign in 2016, Apple iPhones and national security became an issue. Trump publicly called for a boycott of Apple products following Apple’s refusal to help the FBI access data from an iPhone 5c that belonged to one of the San Bernardino terrorists.

“First of all, Apple ought to give the security for that phone, okay?” Trump said, making an angry hand gesture.

I use both iPhone & Samsung. If Apple doesn’t give info to authorities on the terrorists I’ll only be using Samsung until they give info.

Back in 2016, Trump stated,

“What I think you ought to do is boycott Apple until such time as they give that security number,” Trump added.

The FBI ultimately obtained access to the locked iPhone in question, but managed to do so without any assistance from Apple. As the story goes, the FBI paid quite a hefty sum of money to a third-party security agency for special software that managed to bypass an iOS security protection designed to wipe a device after 10 incorrect login attempts.

In other words, it seems regardless of the device, FBI can work around ANY security of any device and that includes and iPhone.

Earlier this spring, Trump switched to an Apple iPhone. As the “experts” claimed iPhones receive regular security updates and are widely seen as a safer pick than older Android devices.

Of course, we all know who the “experts” are don’t we?

In March Dan Scavino Jr., who currently heads up the social media accounts of Donald Trump, relayed that Trump not only fires off tweets on his own but does so using a brand-new iPhone. An iPhone by the way which only has ONE app….Twitter.

.@POTUS @realDonaldTrump has been using his new iPhone📱for the past couple of weeks here on Twitter. Yes, it is #POTUS45 reading & tweeting!

— Dan Scavino Jr. (@DanScavino) March 29, 2017

You may not know but former even U.S. President Barack Obama was barred from using an iPhone because of security concerns as recently as last year and instead used his “more secure government-issued” Blackberry.

Of course, after all the scandals of Hillary Clinton, the Awan brothers and Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and all illegal tapping into Blackberries, I’m not sure I would want to go with any of those devices either. Unless of course, you want to be part of the ‘ratline’ that these scumbags had for over 10 years in their cute little spy ring with the DNC.

Bottomline is really…how safe is ANY technology, let alone the iPhone X with it’s face ID? If someone wants to steal your ID, like the government or other scumbags like the Awans, they will figure a way to do it, with or without laws, and with or without security in place.

Either way, I don’t think I will be running out anytime soon to get an iPhone X, and certainly not at $1000 a piece.



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