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GOP Legislators Move to Defund Stadiums!


This past weekend, as more and more NFL players and teams continued to disrespect our flag, our nation and our military, more and more fans burned their NFL jerseys in frustration.

Let’s get one thing straight, shall we. This is NOT about RACE or inequality. This is also NOT about your RIGHT to kneel. This IS about DISRESPECTING the flag, our nation and our military. You want to kneel? Do it on your OWN time NOT during an NFL game and certainly NOT during the national anthem.

If Americans or the NFL fans want to send a real message to the NFL and their players – call your Senators and Representatives and tell them to STOP USING American taxpayers’ money – YOUR MONEY to fund stadiums. That would certainly send the NFL owners and players a clear message. If NFL players want to thumb their noses at the national anthem, Americans should thumb their noses right back and DEFUND their stadiums!

As countless players refuse to stand for the national anthem, many patriotic sports fans throughout the country are ready to throw in the towel — and now a proposal in Congress could cut off a major source of funding to the increasingly anti-American teams.

According to The Daily Caller, there are currently bills in the U.S. House and Senate which would ban the use of federal funding for the construction of professional sports arenas.

The legislation was proposed over the summer, and now has renewed interest as the unpatriotic circus within the NFL continues. Oklahoma Republican Rep. Steve Russell introduced the first bill several months ago, and the proposal already has some bipartisan support.

“The federal government is responsible for a lot of important functions, but financing sports stadiums for multi-million – sometimes billion – dollar franchises is definitely not one of them,” Rep. Russell explained.

That financing often happens in the form of municipal bonds which funnel taxpayer money into major sports arena projects.

[F]or the past 17 years, 36 professional athletic stadiums have been built or renovated by federal tax-exempted municipal bonds. This cost taxpayers $3.2 billion dollars,” the Caller explained, citing information from the Brookings Institute.

Proponents of taking taxpayer money to fund professional sports stadiums often point to economic development to justify the costs, but research shows that the argument falls short.

“[T[here is no statistically significant positive correlation between sports facility construction and economic development,” the Journal of Economic Perspectives explained.

The irony of multi-millionaire players protesting the same country which often funds their home stadiums would be hilarious if it wasn’t also so frustrating.

To be clear, de-funding professional arenas should be done across the board, and not just targeted at teams which disrespect the national anthem and the American flag.

Ending this unconstitutional practice would be a good idea even if the protests weren’t underway, but seeing spoiled athletes take a knee is the perfect opportunity to remind sports leagues that the world doesn’t revolve around them.

Freedom of speech does allow a player to sit out the national anthem… but the First Amendment does not magically make players or their teams immune to the fallout.

So, to all the NFL players and owners who obviously don’t appreciate the fans who support their salaries and their stadiums, it’s time to say NO MORE! If you can’t respect our flag, our nation and our military – you don’t deserver our taxpayers funds for your stadiums! It’s time to #DefundStadiums!

Americans have lost over $3.7 BILLION in revenue funding stadiums for your behinds. It stops now!

Here’s a list of a few of the NFL teams and stadiums that our dollars funded:

Indianapolis Colts – $214 million

Chicago Bears – $205 million

Cincinnati Bengals – $182 million

Houston Texans – $147 million

Seattle Seahawks – $101 million

Arizona Cardinals – $94 million

Dallas Cowboys – $88 million

Philadelphia Eagles – $68 million

Minnesota Vikings – $65 million

Denver Broncos – $54 million

Pittsburg Steelers – $44 million

Green Bay Packers – $35 million

Detroit Lions – $7 million

That’s 13 NFL teams and their stadiums. that used tax-exemp municipal bonds and financing to support their professional sports stadiums. That’s over $1.3 billion just in financing NFL stadiums. It’s time to say NO MORE! It’s time to #DefundStadiums!

If Americans really want to send a loud and clear message to the NFL players and owners, especially about how they feel about NFL players kneeling during our national anthem…call your Senator and Representatives and tell them #DefundStadiums.

No MORE American taxpayer funds should be used to fund a stadium where these disrespectful NFL morons kneel to our nation’s flag and continue to disrespect those who have given their lives or served our country to defend this nation and their freedoms. It’s time to #DefundStadiums!

H/T Conservative Tribune


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