CNN in Full Panic Mode After Man Who Incited Mob Identified

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Well, well, well…..what have we here!

The ‘fake news’ network, CNN that always pretends to be ‘holier than thou’ and on high moral ground is not so squeaky clean when it comes to inciting violence and supporting Antifa afterall.

It seems over the weekend one of CNN’s very own, W. Kamau Bell got called out for inciting violence at the ‘No Hate in the Bay’ rally in Berkely, California.  The rally was organized originally by conservative groups who cancelled due to expected violence. But one of CNN’s own hosts was spotted at the rally backed by the radical “antifa” group… and instead of being there to report, he showed up instead to stir up the mob.  Nice huh?

H/T Conservative Tribune:

W. Kamau Bell is the host of CNN’s “United Shades of America,” and, according to PJ Media, he was caught on video yelling into a bullhorn about Nazis and “black people” at a rally with a very shady history.

The liberal journalist took the stage at the “No Hate In The Bay” protest last weekend, and seized the opportunity to address the crowd.

Bell quickly became a far-left cliche and split people into racial groups, declaring that “when the Nazis leave, as they have left… you have to stand up for the brown people, the black people, the LGBT people, the immigrants – everybody everyday!”

Setting aside the fact that treating people differently based on their sexual orientation or color is the antithesis of equality, there’s also the inconvenient fact that the “No Hate” rally that Bell attended has been doing quite a bit of hating, after all.

“The ‘No Hate’ rally was organized in opposition to two conservative groups (‘No Marxism in America’ and ‘Patriot Prayer’) that were going to hold rallies that weekend but cancelled out of safety concerns. The leaders of both groups have denounced neo-Nazis and white supremacists,” explained PJ Media.


“Violent Antifa protesters chased, harassed, spat on, and viciously assaulted the few conservatives who were in attendance at the rally on Sunday. They attacked journalists as well,” continued the report.

The best word to describe a CNN host participating in such a rally might be “problematic.”

Fox News commentator Tucker Carlson summarized the issue, and pointed out that Bell’s involvement added fuel to an already volatile fire.

“[Bell] calls himself a political provocateur but that doesn’t quite capture it,” stated Carlson. “In fact, he is a supporter of Antifa.”

“He’s happy to stand up on stage and call his opponents Nazis. That’s not a label you use on people you want to debate. It’s a label you use to incite rage,” Carlson continued.

The conservative host then pointed out that other journalists wouldn’t be able to get away with being attached to a radical group if the roles were reversed.

He asked viewers to imagine if a right-leaning host had been on stage for a militant group that openly stated it was fighting for white, Christian gun owners.

“How would that go over?” Carlson asked. “This show would be cancelled quickly and it would deserve to be cancelled.”

The truth is that Bell’s statements were divisive, racially slanted, and incited more anger.

Of course, I highly doubt we will hear anything about this from CNN or the other MSM networks, do you? They are only good at calling Trump a racist or bigot. When one of their very OWN is involved…nothing but crickets.


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