Clinton Uses Harvey to Insult Trump, But 1 Twitter User Points out the Obvious

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Haters of President Donald Trump have a tendency to only hear what they want to hear from him, often taking things he has said out of context to make them fit a predetermined narrative. Former first daughter Chelsea Clinton is no exception to that annoying and deceptive habit.

It’s amazing how critical Chelsea can be of President Trump, yet we all know what happened in Haiti. When you have one parent that compulsively cheats and another that compulsively lies, maybe Chelsea should probably stay quiet.

H/T Conservative Tribune:

The latest statement from Trump to draw the ire of Clinton, according to Newsmax, were his remarks in response to the recovery efforts he had witnessed in the aftermath of Harvey, which he had described as “a wonderful thing.”

“As tough as this was, it’s been a wonderful thing, I think, even for the country to watch it, for the world to watch,” Trump said of the recovery efforts while visiting Houston, and added that he “saw a lot of happiness” in spite of the tragedy, which he thought was “beautiful.”

But apparently Chelsea heard something different in the remarks that she linked to on Twitter, and added, “People lost their lives, loved ones, homes, beloved pets. Many thousands of people face uncertain futures. Our President on #Harvey:”

As could be expected, Twitter users quickly rebutted Chelsea’s implied insult toward Trump, with at least one user asking point-blank what her mother, failed Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, had done for Harvey relief in relation to Trump, according to TheBlaze.

One user tweeted, “Please ask your mom to lead by example and donate all the profits from her new book to the people of Houston.”

Another quickly chimed in with a tweet that read: “@realDonaldTrump is donating 1 M, how much is your mom??? How much are you???”

Others merely criticized her for entirely missing the point of what Trump had been speaking about in relation to the recovery from the storm, not the hurricane itself, as Chelsea seemed to infer.

According to the tweet-trackers at Twitchy, many others were critical of Chelsea’s seeming ignorance or deliberate refusal to acknowledge what everyone else understand Trump had meant, including several users who admitted to not being supporters of the president, but nevertheless felt the need to call out Chelsea’s misrepresentation of his remarks.

These Twitter users are right. You don’t have to be a Trump fan to witness that what is happening in Texas is about Americans helping other Americans in need. That’s the true spirit of America.

Too bad Clinton didn’t do the same in Haiti? Hope Chelsea got a nice wedding dress out of all those donations to the Clinton Foundation though.

Clearly all these people can see right through Chelsea Clinton and her hatred for Trump. Even those on Twitter who weren’t Trump supporters said her insults went too far.

The question still remains though….President Trump gave $1 million to victims of Hurricane Harvey. How much did Obama and the Clintons give? Anyone? …..Anyone?



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