WATCH: ‘You’re a F***ing Fraud!’ Caitlyn Jenner Ambushed By Another Transgender *VIDEO*

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A TRANSGENDER woman at an LGBT event ambushed Caitlyn Jenner in an intense confrontation for voting for Donald Trump.

The reality star, 67, was attending the Trans Chorus of Los Angeles on Saturday night when she was confronted by Ashlee Marie Preston.

The activist and journalist found it ‘ridiculous’ that Caitlyn, a trans woman herself, allegedly continues to support Trump after he authorized banning trans people from serving in the military on Friday.

In a video originally posted on Preston’s Facebook page, Jenner stood in the audience as Preston approached Jenner.

‘You’re a f**king fraud and a fake,’ said Preston.

Stunned by Preston’s action, Jenner remained mostly quiet as the moron continued to hound her.

Watch the incredible encounter:

Jenner stood in the audience as Preston approached the celebrity formerly known as Bruce Jenner.

As Jenner went in for a hug, Preston began to berate Jenner for what she believes is a wrongdoing to the trans community.


‘You continue to support somebody that does everything with the military to erase our community,’ Preston argued. ‘It’s really f**ked up that you continue to support him,’

After remaining silent for a moment, Caitlyn asked: ‘Are you done?’

‘No I’m not done. I’m not done. It’s f**king ridiculous. You’re a f**king fraud,’ Preston retorted as bystanders tried to diffuse the situation.

‘What makes me mad is I supported you… so many of us supported you,’ Preston continued as she turned her attention to a friend.

‘We are complicit. It goes against the mission. How are we gonna fight if she’s giving money to the people who are destroying us.’

Meanwhile, at the chorus performance, Preston pressed on as she said: ‘As long as we continue to be the ones that are most impacted by the choices that you make… it’s not ok.’

Caitlyn replied as she walked away: ‘You don’t know me.’

‘Oh my god. Yes we do. You’re a f**king fraud and a fake,’ Preston called after her.

Preston posted the video hours later with a tagline that read: ‘Caitlyn Jenner is trash’

Throughout the entire ambush, Caitlyn remained calm.

Caitlyn has been an outspoken advocate for the President of the United States. In March 2016, Caitlyn gave her thoughts about Trump on her show I Am Cait explaining: ‘I think he would be very good for women’s issues.’

She gave a speech at the Republican Convention in Cleveland, OH in July 2016 saying she believed in the party and that it will make progress in LGBT policies.

And after Trump announced via Twitter he would be banning transgender people from serving in the military on July, 26, 2017, Caitlyn was seen the next week wearing the Trump campaign’s ‘Make America Great Again’ red hat.

Although Jenner is still very vocal about her support for President Trump, she now openly admits that his transgender military ban horrified her.

“What he’s doing to our community is absolutely f**king awful,” she told TMZ.

It all goes back to the liberal stance. It does not matter who you are, black, gay, female, immigrant, or any other group that they hijack for their personal agenda. If you do not toe the liberal line, they will cuss at you and call you names. They are against ‘hate’, unless it is them doing the hating. They are all for free speech, as long as it matches up with their narrative.


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