Young Teacher Gets ‘Sacked’ For Joining The ‘Mile High Club’ With Student, While On A Field Trip

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The father of a then 16-year-old boy who joined the ‘Mile-High club’ with his teacher on the flight home from a school charity trip, said the affair was only uncovered after another pupil extorted them and told the headteacher.

The 16-year-old’s dad says his son had no intention of wanting his physics teacher Miss Eleanor Wilson investigated over the relationship that has now destroyed her entire teaching career.

Being interviewed by the media, the father, who has remained nameless, said:

‘What I will say is he [the boy] didn’t want any of this. He didn’t want her to lose her job over it. The relationship was only uncovered when another pupil found out about it and blackmailed her for sex. He then told the school and from there it was the school who pursued the investigation, not my son. He didn’t want her to lose her career. He’s a young man who just wants to put this behind him and move on.’

The affair with his physics teacher Miss Wilson, who is actually ten years his senior, took place during a two-week charity and conservation trip to Swaziland in Africa.

What’s noticeable is that early on in the month, he was not on the school’s trip to Geneva, to visit the Large Hadron Collider in CERN, the European Organisation for Nuclear Research.

The student was in a larger group of 15 to 18 year olds who traveled to the southern African kingdom in July 2015 on a World Challenge Expedition, having already raised £2,595 foe the trip over the previous 18 months. But charity was the last thing this teacher and student were thinking about. The pupil told school friends he partook in cheap whisky with his physics teacher Miss Eleanor Wilson, now 28, who ended up with him in his room.

It was reported that she kissed him ‘multiple times’ throughout the whole trip, and also had unprotected sex in the toilet on the plane on their way back home, after drinking miniature bottles of wine.

One friend of the student talked about the incident:

‘He enjoyed telling me all about his time in Swaziland as you could go to a store and buy whisky for next to nothing. He said they had sex a lot on the trip to Africa and on the flight back.’

Daily Mail:

The group, from a school in Bristol, was staying with the Ndinda community at a Neighbourhood Care Point, which supported orphans of parents who had died of HIV, helping to build a kitchen for them.

‘The expedition has given me a new start, a fresh beginning. I’ve seen how a community can be so happy with so little and we were made to feel so welcome. Now I just want to get all the happiness and enjoyment out of everything I do,’ one pupil said afterwards.

Miss Wilson, from Keighley, West Yorkshire, was struck off this week after a tribunal hearing heard that she had been drinking miniature bottles of wine while flirting at the back of the plane home. She is then said to have entered the toilet, kissed, engaged in a sex act and had intercourse with the pupil without using any protection.

This seems to be an issue no matter where you go in the world. Teachers taking advantage of students…Yet, I cannot see how the 16-year-old, hormone driven teen boy cannot have any blame here. Legally, maybe not. But morally, we all know what is appropriate and what is not.

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