Trump Reveals Nasty Secret About Senator’s War Record, After Democrat Insults Him!

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It just totally amazes me after all the corruption that President Obama and Hillary Clinton were involved in, over the last 8 years, that the Democrats continue to peddle their fake news about the Russian-Trump collusion in the elections. It doesn’t matter that there has been NO EVIDENCE at all that proves their false narrative, they are going to continue their witch hunt.  They just want to discredit Trump as president.

If Democrats want to talk about collusion and Russia, certainly Attorney General Sessions could investigate into the Clinton emails, the private server, Bill and Loretta Lynch’s tarmac meeting, the Uranium One deal, and even all the corruption of the Awan brothers. That would be a REAL investigation, for which there is REAL evidence!

Democrats don’t really care about REAL evidence, that’s NOT their goal. They don’t care about all the voter fraud that Hillary committed either. If they did they would investigate the deaths of Seth Rich, Shawn Lucas and Bernaton Whisenant. That’s the REAL investigation that SHOULD be pursued NOT the Trump-Russian collusion.

The Democrats need to STOP with their fake news!

H/T Conservative Tribune:

President Donald Trump may be on a 17-day vacation, but that’s not going to stop him from using his power on social media to call out Democrats peddling fake news.

Trump slammed Democrat Connecticut Sen. Richard Blumenthal on Monday after he incompetently suggested on CNN that the president’s administration has “weaponized” the investigations into the leaks of classified information against the Trump White House.

Blumenthal suggested to CNN’s Brianna Keilar that the Trump administration’s determination to identify officials leaking classified information to the media wasn’t smart given it “politicized” the Justice Department.

The Hillary Clinton supporter also suggested that special counselor Robert Mueller may be on to crimes committed during the 2016 presidential election given his decision to impanel a grand jury last week.


“Impaneling the grand jury shows that Bob Mueller is pursuing this potential wrongdoing by the Russians, the attack on our democracy, seriously and diligently — and there is no minimizing or underestimating that attack by the Russians,” Blumenthal said.

“It was purposeful and relentless, and it involved propaganda and hacking into our voting machines or at least an attempt to do it and potential collusion by the Trump campaign and then obstruction of justice. That investigation must be pursued.”

Using his social media prowess to fight back against Blumenthal’s insults, Trump reminded his millions of followers that the Clinton supporter lied about serving in the Vietnam War.

Interesting to watch Senator Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut talking about hoax Russian collusion when he was a phony Vietnam con artist!” Trump wrote.

Never in U.S.history has anyone lied or defrauded voters like Senator Richard Blumenthal. He told stories about his Vietnam battles and conquests, how brave he was, and it was all a lie. He cried like a baby and begged for forgiveness like a child. Now he judges collusion?” Trump said in two additional tweets.

In 2010, The New York Times exposed Blumenthal for lying about serving in the Vietnam War. While Blumenthal served in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve between 1970 and 1976, he never went to Vietnam or served in the war. He received five deferments between 1965 and 1970.

After he was pressured to admit the truth at the time, Blumenthal said said he “misspoke” about fighting in the Vietnam War rather than issuing an apology.

Critics of the president point out that Trump also received deferments — four student deferments and one medical deferment — that prevented him from being drafted.

But unlike Blumenthal, Trump never lied and claimed he had served in the Vietnam War.

President Trump reportedly has more than 110 million followers across all of his social media pages, which allows him to bypass the mainstream media and deliver the truth to the American people when Democrats like Sen. Blumenthal peddle lies and exhibit blatant hypocrisy.

Once again, when will the Democrats ever learn? The truth eventually does come out. The TRUTH is Americans voted for Trump for President, because he was so BLUNT and HONEST about the issues! Americans appreciated hearing Trump’s bluntness and honesty, especially after 8 years of Obama and Clinton. THAT’S THE TRUTH!

By the way, how many times have we heard the word ‘misspoke’ from a Democrat? Seems to me, both Debbie ‘Blabbermouth’ Schultz and Hildebeast both have used that term quite often. Must be a Democrat thing.



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