Trump Painting Released by Utah Artist Behind Famous Obama Painting! The Difference Is Undeniable!

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You don’t have to look back over the past 8 years to realize President Trump is NOT Obama. Trump campaigned on ‘Making America Great Again’. Trump believes in Americans. He respects soldiers, honors our veterans and genuinely loves our nation.

Trump has already taken several steps in helping our nation to recover after 8 years under the Obama administration. He has cut regulations to stimulate growth in our economy and helped businesses create more jobs to put America back to work.

One painter, Jon Naughton makes the differences between Obama and Trump very clear, especially with his new painting.

H/T Conservative Tribune:

The contrast with the attitude of the former president has been remarkable. Painter Jon McNaughton thinks so as well, as he made clear in a new painting of President Donald Trump, similar to one he did of former President Barack Obama, but with some major differences.

McNaughton released a painting in 2010 showing Obama surrounded by all the former presidents around the White House, KXNT reported. On a park bench nearby is a “forgotten man,” whom Obama has turned his back on. Underneath Obama’s foot is the United States Constitution.

The piece was highly controversial, but McNaughton wanted to make the point that Obama was forgetting millions of Americans, and trampling on the Constitution.

McNaughton’s new piece looks very similar, only this time Trump is surrounded by various members of his administration like Secretary of Defense James Mattis, other “forgotten” Americans and the forgotten man is being given some water.

Instead of stepping on the Constitution, in this painting Trump is stepping on a snake.

“Last year we elected President Trump. He expressed by his words and demeanor what Americans wanted — a man who was not going to bow down to Washington or other countries. A man that would not forget the ‘forgotten men and women’ of this country who elected him,” McNaughton explained in a video about the painting.

You can watch that video here:

The painting is quite powerful, and does a good job of summing up the ideas Trump campaigned upon, and the message he has worked to get out during his time in office.

Trump has often said since his election night victory “the forgotten man and woman are forgotten no longer,” and he actually means it. Trump has taken steps to help this nation recover and help all Americans rise up.

Obama made it clear during his eight years in office that his agenda, not American’s well-being, was his first priority.

It’s amazing the difference that can happen when you have a president who really cares about putting America First, like President Trump does.  It’s sad to think that our last president, the first black president had the chance to really UNITE this country, instead he became known as ‘the divider-in-chief” and the supporter of Black Lives Matter.

Now that Trump is in’s about America. It’s about jobs and putting America FIRST! It’s time to ‘Make America Great Again’. It’s time to set aside differences and unite America!

Just like with the widespread and outreach of volunteers that are helping the victims of Hurricane Harvey…it’s not about race…it’s about Americans helping Americans in need.


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