Trump-like Inflatable Tax Chicken Stares Down The White House!

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Looks like liberals are at it again!

The inflatable 30-foot white chicken with a golden coiffure has once again appeared near the White House. Evidently liberal protesters want Americans to believe that President Trump’s leadership is ‘weak’ and ‘ineffective’.

It’s called ‘Chicken Don’ and it currently stands between the White House and the Washington Monument. The owner of the Trump-like chicken Taran Singh Brar, said the prop portrays a president who is ‘afraid’. However, since the posting went viral on social media, Twitter users especially are not impressed.

H/T The Hill:

It seems back in March, Singh Brar established a GoFundMe page to raise money to purchase and insure the $1,500 air-filled balloon to be used during April’s Tax March in Chicago — one of several protests of the president around the country coinciding with Tax Day.

Once the chicken was in hand, Singh Brar acquired a permit through assistance of the Secret Service to inflate the balloon on the grass between Constitution Avenue and the White House South Lawn.

Owner Taran Singh Brar said the prop portrays a president who is too “afraid”.

“We are out here to criticize our president for being weak and ineffective as a leader,” Brar said in the footage posted on Twitter, adding “He’s too afraid to release his tax returns, too afraid to stand up to Vladimir Putin and now he’s playing chicken with North Korea.”

But some Twitter users were not very impressed, with one dubbing the stunt “pathetic”.  The topic quickly gained momentum and the hashtag #TrumpChicken was trending on Wednesday.

Trump  Chicken takes up roost near the WH. Trump IS chicken. Scared. Running. 

Someone wanna tell the idiots who set up that the President is out of town on vacation. ??? Stupid liberals!

It’s is kinda cute, but the idiot should’ve waited til was AT HOME Would’ve been “edgier” ?

Republicans have: – House – Senate – Presidency Democrats have: –

President Trump tells nuclear power North Korea there will be “Fire & fury” and democrats inflate a chicken? Insanity.

“The left would rather spend $1300 on a #TrumpChicken, than use that money to feed the homeless. The obsession continues,” wrote Scott.

This argument was countered by Eugene, with a tweet that simply read: “Now we have a real President. #TrumpChicken.”

Following the flurry of images on social media, a Tax March Chicken Twitter account tweeted: ‘This isn’t my first rodeo. I’ve been all over the country crashing Trump events.’

The inflatable chicken, which features a golden coif of hair and hand gestures similar to Trump’s, is modeled after a statue unveiled in December as the mascot for a Chinese mall. Since the statue’s unveiling last year, smaller copies have appeared across the United States.

That’s what liberals do best isn’t it? Riot. Protest. Disrupt townhall meetings. Anything to cause a stir in the media.


It seems our dear little Mr. Taran Singh Brar is a documentary filmmaker. Brar’s LinkedIn profile reflects he graduated from University of California, Berkeley. No surprise there! Liberal protests at Berkeley seem to be a common occurance.   Funny thing though, Taran Singh Brar graduated with a degree in Molecular Biology.  How does a degree in biology suddenly make him a filmmaker.

Something says to me you need to follow the money! Brar was the lead organizer of Tax March Chicago. An anti-Trump march with support of left-center activists and union groups. This has George Soros written all over it!

The trump chicken is just a media stunt used to grab attention. It seems molecular biology is not too lucrative for Mr. Brar. He’d rather just collect money from other anti-Trump liberals and union supporters on a GoFundMe page to pay for his work and evidently his income.

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